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I only want to work with people who want to work with me, and are ready to commit the effort to get results. Let's see if we're meant to work together. This test has a passing grade and it will be automatically graded for you. If you pass, we'll have a free strategy session and then work together if that feels right to both of us. If not, it's not yet time. Ready? You need 80%+ to qualify. Good luck! :)

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Question 1 of 9

How coachable are you?


I pretty much know everything I need to know


I'll listen, somewhat, but it's rare that I hear anything that inspires me.


If I hire a coach, I honour my time and theirs. I am committed and present, and I take action!

Question 2 of 9

Are you a 'freebie seeker' or serial refunder?


Damn right! It's the Internet. I'm out for whatever I can get for me!


I used to be a freebie seeker, but I feel like that's childish now. I want to respect myself and a coach enough to pay what they're worth.

Question 3 of 9

How committed are you to moving forward swiftly and stepping up to the next level for you?


I can wait. No rush.


It's absolutely crucial that I become successful. I'm ready!

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Question 5 of 9

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Before you go... If you hired me as a coach, what result/s would make you glad you did?

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Most of my clients come to me via word of mouth. If you decide to work with me, we're a fit, and you get results how likely are you to tell other people about me?

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