How To Close: Fear, Dream, Quantify, Close

Many people are effective marketers, and may even be good at sales, but come unstuck when they reach the close. 

There are many ways to close a prospect. I coach extensively on this with my clients, and in Indiepreneur Academy Membership, since it's such a crucial skill. However, if you want a 'quick and dirty' way to do it, I've used this approach to convert high ticket. 

Fear, Dream, Quantify, Close

A client of mine was a large and prestigious affiliate marketing company. They sold a product at the $1,997 level, and they needed a team of people to upsell their affiliates and prospects into that level. 

I knew I could sell the product, as I'd been the top affiliate in the company before, but I listened as they told me the framework that had worked for them. I can't find where this came from initially, but it works. Fear, Dream, Quantify, Close. I used this to close up to 3 $1,997 sales a day. 



People act as they do because they are either moving away from something (fear) or moving towards something (dream). As Beckwith puts it: Pain pushes you until the vision pulls you.

In this model, we're going to look at both the pain and the vision. 

So, you first discover where the pain is. This is because we are hardwired to avoid pain more than we are to pursue pleasure or vision in most cases. 

This can be misused. You're using pain and fear to discover where they need help, not to force them into something that's wrong for them. I cannot stress enough that just because you can make people buy whatever you want them to DOES NOT mean you should. 

  • What is frightening them right now? What are they trying to get away from?
  • What is hurting them right now? What would they do anything to change or avoid?

Have the discussion, make notes. Listen way more than you speak.


  • If anything were possible, what would their life look like? What is the dream life/lifestyle/achievement?
  • Get into the nuts and bolts of it. What inspires them about it? Why is it not only a dream, but a necessary thing to accomplish? Who else wins by them winning?
  • How does it feel to them to be in the sense of living that life? What do they see, feel, taste, smell? Who is there with them?


  • You need to quantify their commitment.
  • How much do they want to live their dream? Out of 10, how important is it to them?
  • How much do they want to escape their fear? Out of 10, how important is it to them?
  • How fast do they want to move from the fear to the dream?
  • At this point, you may need... ETHICALLY... to press a little on the pain. If you're selling a diet product and someone has been given life expectancy if they don't lose weight, your ability to influence them to do that could be a life or death thing. So, yeah, it may involve being a bit impolite to save their life. Don't bully. Don't be abusive. Just ask what the consequences are for them if they keep doing what they're currently doing. What does the future look like in 3, 5, 10 years? What if they could change this in 1 year?
  • Take them back into the dream. How much do they want that? How good do they feel if they achieve that in a year? How much better is their life in 3, 5, 10 years?


  • Ask for the sale. Sometimes, people will have closed themselves by now, but some need you to ask them to take action. So, do it. There are many ways to do this. Again, I coach on this one to one and in Indiepreneur Academy Membership. But here's an easy couple:
    • Sounds like you're ready to get started. This is the link. Click on it, and I'll take you through the sign up process. 
    • Here's the link, message me back when you're in and I'll tell you how to get your free [whatever]/we'll get the dates in the diary. 

That's it. You're ready to get out there and get closing. 

If you found this useful, please comment below so that I know what kinds of value to share with you in future. Also, share it on social media and help your online community level up too. A rising tide lifts all the boats. 


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