Leave The Old You Behind

Your Circle Of Friends

  • The friends in your life are shaping the future of your life.
  • Loyalty has an expiration date. If you're a good person, you may stay loyal to people whose loyalty to you is already expired. Don't forgive longer than you should. Even The Bible puts a limit on it. When asked whether a person should forgive someone as many as seven times, Jesus said: “I say not … seven times: but, Until seventy times seven” (Matthew 18:22, KJV). You could read that as a limitless amount, but having survived narcissistic abuse where I forgave many more times than that... I'm pretty sure Jesus is giving us an out. Once someone has shown their true colours enough times, let go and let God

God's Got You

  • Don't get caught up with the process. Everything you're going through is preparing you for what you asked God for. You may not see that now, but on the other side of it you'll see it and be OK with it. He's going to fix it. If God was through with you, you wouldn't have woken up today. 
  • God can't give you what you want if you keep holding on to what you've got. You're all in the way of those blessings.
  • Be your unique self. Keep going. God wants you to self-actualize: to be exactly who you are, and to achieve as that person.
  • Don't hold back because of fear of not being accepted or being rejected. God is not the author or generator of fear. 
  • Trust is reliance on God's integrity and ability. It is a confident expectation of something. Who or what are you leaning on in the midst of hard times, pain and lack?
  • There's a battle of two systems: God and The World. Choose. 
  • I've chosen the system of God (I have. My note. I chose this way back. It is a clear choice and I recommend it. Life looks different on the other side of it). Anything that's working in the world came from God.
  • Life doesn't want to waste a fortune on the unprepared. It won't waste a fortune on someone who will misuse it or is not ready for it. Make yourself ready. Prepare yourself, and ask what you can do to make yourself ready.
  • Don't let the person who didn't love you stop you meeting the person who will love you.
  • The Enemy wants to isolate you and make you believe nobody understands you and that you must do everything alone. But that is a lie from the pit of Hell. We must share together, and walk alongside each other. We must work together to do great things. 
  • To receive, be a good giver. To find good things, search for them. 


  • When a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, it doesn't just have the ability to crawl faster. When you get your wings, God will catapult you into a new dimension. Things will happen sooner than you thought. You'll develop abilities you never had. You'll do things you could never do on your own.
  • There's a preparation between the time God puts a dream in your heart and when it comes to pass. Go through the uncomfortable pregnancy of your dreams. You are anointed, but it is a while until you're appointed. Something is developing in you that you can't see while it's uncomfortable. You must wait for the appointing, and as you do... put in the work.

I've taught this for a decade. I learnt it through a very painful experience. I fell pregnant with twins. I'd always been a bit ambivalent about having kids, but my ex-husband and I decided to try and I fell pregnant immediately. I was fully committed to taking care of them for the rest of my life from the moment I knew I was pregnant (which was before I did the test).

When I lost them, and my then husband said he didn't want to try again, I was devastated. Although I had been ambivalent about the idea of having kids in a generic way, I loved the babies I'd carried more than I could put in words. I still think of them now. So, him deciding that we wouldn't have kids didn't feel like a blessing.

We later divorced, and I prayed to God to explain to me why I had been saved from death as a child, when I'd been in a coma after a car crash. I had so much nurturing energy, it seemed strange that I wasn't meant to bring children into the world. I heard a voice. It said that I was allowed to return from the dead, but not to bring life into the world with me.

Instead, I was to bring life out in the people already on the planet. I saw a vision of people walking around as zombies, and I heard: "Do you not see how many zombies walk among you? You are to breathe life into them and help them to birth themselves."

Many years later - 2020 - I nearly died of covid. On my deathbed, barely able to breathe, and realising that oxygen was no longer making it out of my breaths, I prayed in my head: "God, make me a channel for your power and your peace. Breathe life into me, so that I may breathe life into others, so they may breathe life into their dreams and manifest them on the planet." In the next second I could breathe. In an hour I knew I would not die.

So I am back to help others birth themselves and their dreams. As God told me to do in 2015. Trust the process.

  • You have to think, not just feel. If you're too compassionate towards your kids, they grow up useless and hate you. It's a bad idea. Don't treat kids like they're endless victims. Apply this to yourself too.
  • How we respond in the wilderness will determine whether or not we make it into our promised land. You've been anointed. Your choice is whether or not to stick with it until you're appointed. Whether you see the results or not doesn't matter. What matters is that on the inside you are growing, and it's only a matter of time until your appointing shows up. 

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