Overcoming Addiction - Lessons From Russell Brand

12 Steps To Recovery

Do you struggle with addictions and attachments? Are you dependent on things outside yourself for your sanity? If so, you may need to consider recovery from that before it becomes more entrenched. 

12 Step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, can help support you with this. In this video, Russell Brand shares the first two steps. 

As someone who struggled with drug addiction for 7 years in early adulthood, and is now 22 years clean, I didn't really know about these programs at the time and tried to do everything on my own. It worked, but I put myself in a fair amount of danger by doing it that way (I went cold turkey off benzodiazepines. A VERY bad idea). It would have made way more sense to use a 12 step program.

There is no shame in being honest with yourself if any dependency or addiction has reached the point where it is harming your life or future health. 

Time To Be Honest

Do you struggle with addictions and attachments? Here are some examples:

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug addiction
  • Narcissism and ego
  • Porn and sex
  • Work and success
  • Social media
  • The material world

Step 1 - Are You F***ed?

Acknowledge that there is a problem. Truly be honest with yourself about this. Anyone can make excuses, but if you wish to change then you must be honest with yourself. Be authentic and move with integrity. 

  • Awaken. Become aware. Our culture draws us away from this and into lusts and fears. Step one helps you to acknowledge this is problematic and you want to change it. Be honest. 
  • Address your inner and outer relationships. 
  • Acknowledge the problem fully. Then move to step 2.

Step 2 - Could You Not Be F***ed?

  • This is about inviting a power that has not yet been present in your life to enter your life.
  • This step is profound. 
  • A willingness to believe it is possible to say yes to this is massive.
  • Open your heart and mind to the idea of something more powerful than you.
  • Make a contribution and you'll feel your limitlessness and connection.
  • The sacred becomes part of your life, and you inhabit the mystery.

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