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What People Are Saying:

Hell yeah! I love the little priorities survey. It made me realize I sacrifice a lot for my future self.


Even though it was terrifying at first, a month ago I left a job I'd been at for 6 years, where I'd felt unappreciated, undervalued and was in physical danger daily. Rebecca truly supported me, and helped to instill within me the courage I needed to make the decision. Now the risk is paying off, as I'm able to experience a sense of freedom that hadn't been possible before... Becoming the best version of yourself will take time, yet every day we can take steps toward it becoming a reality.


My win today and the last week... I paid attention to Rebecca's email. Her emails are so natural and her words are full of care. That's who I want to be. I look forward to meeting you all and most of all growing together. We ended our call with Rebecca telling me to go out and share my joy, my love of life, and be generous. We've heard those words a million times. This time it clicked. The week since we talked I was able to write a lot freer and be more aware of my 'critical thinking. All I want to say... YAHOO!