Stop Wishing The World Would Treat You Better. BECOME Better. 

You're basically a decent guy. Yes, you've made mistakes, but you've got a good sense of humour, you work hard most of the time, and you feel as if the current 'all men are [fill in the blanks]' narrative doesn't apply to you.

But you're not a whiner. You're not the kind of guy to sit back and settle for the lowest possible expectation of yourself. You know you have some work to do, and you know that even though you're basically a good guy, there are some edges you could sand off. Even though you're basically a good guy, some of your friends are not. Even though you're basically a good guy, you'd rather be an excellent guy. An exceptional man. A truly kingly, chivalrous, gentleman. A king among men. 

Your Old Life

  • Lack of respect for self and from others. Feeling lower status than you deserve
  • Rage or freezing out/ghosting
  • Highs from successes don't last, and increasingly make you feel hollow inside, like something's missing
  • Unstable relationships, and difficulty remaining committed
  • Wasting life on mindlessly scrolling, porn, or uncontrolled gaming
  • Disappointed, discouraged, and humiliated
  • Nothing you do ever feels good enough
  • Lack of direction
  • Fear that time is running out to live your best life
  • Feeling that everyone else has figured it out but you
  • Self-loathing
  • Addiction
  • Lack of true connection
  • Feel scattered and overwhelmed
  • Ashamed
  • Frustrated
  • Confused
  • Repeating unhealthy patterns you witnessed in childhood, or from peers

Your New Chivalry Life

  •  Proud, with Self Respect and Self Confidence
  • Command respect as a principled, disciplined, and compassionate leader in your field. Held in high regard. Building your legacy
  • Make money while you sleep. Confident in your ability to provide for yourself and those you love
  • Healthy and in control of habits
  • Understand how women's minds work, having learned from a woman about this
  • Passionate and strong relationship
  • Peace
  • Great friendships, based on authenticity and integrity
  • Strength of character
  • Strong mind, body, and spirit
  • Laughter, freedom, joy
  • Inspiration to other men
  • Your past messes have been alchemised into your message. There is no longer a reason to feel shame
  • Deep sense of calm and purpose
  • Strong connection with your spiritual purpose or life guiding philosophy
  • A sense of being in flow, where work and sales are accomplished with grace and ease

Bumblejunkies are Stealing Your Women, Money, and Happiness... And You're Letting Them!


Most men don't even know they have Bumblejunkies. It is vital that you put in place Bumblejunkie Security Systems™ before they steal your whole life. 


The World Urgently Awaits Your Kingly Self

Tribes of men roam the shadowy paths of the internet, dragging their knuckles on the floor of the lowest possible level of expectation, and they call this 'masculinity'.

You are not one of these men, but you may have been conned into associating with them.

If you know you are a king, not a clown, you MUST aspire to a higher level of behaviour. You MUST set a new standard for yourself and your peers. You MUST become part of the New Chivalry Movement.™


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He Followed My System. His Moods Balanced, He Ditched Alcohol, And Now He Has A Joyful Life.

N.B. This video includes discussions of addictions, personality disorders, abuse, and spirituality. If any of these trigger you, don't watch Finally, this isn't medical advice. The moment I realised he showed signs of a personality disorder, I asked him to get into therapy and get diagnosed. I am NOT a therapist, and I would tell you the same. I can support people through personal development but don't claim to cure disorders. Only the person with the disorder can do that, and therapy is a key step. Resources: Therapy.

What's Included In The Immersion...


Beetox Week

You will be taught Rebecca's 'Cluster of Bees' Theory, and discover:

🐝 Where your bees are

🐝 The nature of your bees

🐝 What keeps your specific bees in the hive, and how to stop them from swarming

🐝 How to bring your bees ease when they want to sting

🐝 Your superpowers

🐝 How to move from EGO to EGON, so that you can use your superpowers for good, not evil

You'll finish this course with a complete picture of your powers and kingly virtues, as well as the habits that you need to control or break. At the end of week one, you'll be given the chance to drop a toxic habit for a week. This is optional but highly recommended.


Mystery Week

Now you know the mystery of the bees, the next step is to uncover the mysteries that they have been hiding. This week, you’ll learn:

  • What needs to heal so that you can grow as a man  
  • The Round Table meditation to reclaim your entire psyche, integrate your shadow, and call back your power
  • The Wellness Meditation, for greater empathy and spiritual connection
  • The nature of The Divine Feminine, how She honours The Divine Masculine, and how Her energy can help you understand women, and yourself, better
  • Word Medicine
  • The magic of bone broth (vegans might want to leave early for this training. Although it can be done with vegan friendly options, there will be discussion of hunting and gathering, etc, so if you're squeamish about the circle of life, or people being omnivores, you might want to skip it.)

You’ll finish this course with a clear sense of where your psyche needs work, which patterns aren't serving you, and how to take back control of the unconscious patterns that have controlled you until now.

N.B. I teach people to convert clicks to leads, leads to sales, and sales to repeat customers. That's where my need to convert ends. Your spiritual beliefs are sacred to you. Take what you want from my interpretation of The Divine, and leave anything that doesn't honour your own path.


Mastery Week 

In this week, you’ll learn: 

  • How to step into your personal sovereignty, embrace your masculinity, and create the presence of the king you are destined to be.
  • Branding, online and offline. Establishing etiquette. Dress. Style. This will vary for different men and in different situations. You will learn how to set the rules for YOUR palace, whether that's your social media accounts, business, or home.
  • Structure, discipline, leadership. Bringing masculine energy to empower, organize, and lead.
  • Using masculine energy to command forth prosperity
  • Honing your superpower, wearing your crown, and packaging your offers so they align with your power, purpose, and posture as a king.

You’ll finish this lesson with a focus for your brand, personal style, masculine energy, and a plan for how to package that profitably.


The Pillars of Wisdom

You aren't just here for yourself. You're here to fulfil your destiny, and leave a legacy. In this week, you’ll learn about the pillars of wisdom that you must address to do so:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Self-Esteem
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Divine Purpose and Destiny 

You’ll finish this week with a plan for homeostasis, resilience, and longevity, and training on the steps to take to get there.


The Chivalrous King Relationship Blueprint

A true queen is the ezer kenegdo essence created (according to The Bible) as the corresponding warrior and partner of equal and complementary value, at the side of her king. You may know the translation as 'help meet'. It is deceptive. The actual Biblical expression is ezer: strong. Rescuer/saviour. Warrior.  Kenegdo: Opposite and corresponding to. Mirror equal.

Your ezer kenegdo queen will be your mirror equal. She will hold up a mirror to you, to show you the greatness within you that you cannot yet see. She will save you from your excesses, by holding you accountable to high, exacting standards to which you feel driven to rise. Spoiler alert: when you don't treat your woman like a queen, and you don't understand this spiritual duty that is bestowed upon her, you will see this as nagging. When you communicate clearly, and learn to receive her feminine wisdom, it is the exact opposite. It is a gift from the Divine. It is the essence that great men refer to when they talk about "women's intuition" and growing from "the love of a good woman."

She will walk by your side as a partner and warrior. She will complement your energy as the yin to your yang. With her, you will find greater strength and purpose.

A wise and loving woman won't just get your attention, or look pretty. She'll raise your game in life. She'll inspire in you the desire to become a better man. The skills you need to attract an ezer kenegdo woman are NOT the skills PUA strategies teach you to bring in immature women. You don't just want a string of one night stands. That is not kingly. A true king wants a queen. That requires a change of approach and energy.

This week, we will discuss: 

  • Love
  • Dating. How to find your queen.
  • Mystery and Mastery: the sacred dance of the masculine and feminine that draws you into partnership with the yin to your yang.
  • Passion and sex. Unlocking the mysteries of the female mind so that you become the only man she can think about, and the man she never fakes with.

Share Your Wins Week

This week is for you to ask any questions you have, and to share the wins you have from implementing what you've been learning.

If you've put together a course or offer during the previous 5 weeks, you may even be chosen to pitch it!

Be Coached By Someone Who's Made The Front Covers of Multiple Business Magazines

If you'd like to see your face on the front cover of a magazine, maybe you should learn from someone who's made it happen, and written columns for 3 magazines in the business and writing niches. 


Journals, Planners, and Trackers


When you commit to moving forward with this coaching package, you'll get PDF planners, journals and trackers that cover everything from daily plans to 10 year visions. 


Access to The Indiepreneur Academy Membership App

Throughout the course, you'll have access to your own social network, where you can chat, access even more bonuses, get on video and audio calls, and be matched up with accountability buddies each week who will support you in your journey.

Clockerfly Nation

You also get access to a supportive group of people who are doing weekly challenges, cheering each other on, and committing to both imperfection practice and continual personal growth. 

This is a great community in which to test out your new chivalrous traits and skills. If you'd like a guest slot on a webinar or call in the community, just ask. If you want to be a podcaster or digital marketer, this is a great sandbox to test and master those skills. 

Mystery and Mastery


The sacred dance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. If you've ever struggled to understand women, or failed to do well when dating according to PUA principles, this unlocks the far deeper and sacred levels of the 'game'. It won't only give you insights into women, but also yourself.  

Pick Up Artist Strategies No Longer Work

According to men in their 20s and 30s, PUA strategies aren't getting men what they want. Watch the video to see the research. 


Take This Immersion, And In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Get control of bad habits, and even overcome addiction.
  • Calm your 'bees', so that you're better able to control rage, and communicate effectively.
  • Gain a deeper spiritual connection, so that you build a strong personal connection with your Creator, and begin to live your destiny in the best way.

You will learn, in a safe and confidential environment, how to identify your emotions with clarity, communicate them with care, and control energies such as rage or lust, so that they don't control you.


This Immersion Is For You If...

  •  You're ready to defy the odds, astound your ancestors, and become a legend to your descendants
  • You're not finding the success you'd hoped for with PUA strategies, and other Alpha Male trainings that disparage women and insist you remain subservient to the guru, rather than empowering you to become your fullest and most sovereign self-defined king
  • You would rather create than destroy
  • You would rather lead from a place of honour, assertiveness, and collaboration than from a place of  aggression, dissing, and intimidation
  • You would rather inspire greatness than fear
  • You would rather be a force for good, and for God, than become infamous for underhanded gains
  • You know it is your birthright to be a true king, not as you've seen those in power hold that or similar labels, but in the archetypal sense. A true king is just, noble, majestic, impressive, an alpha leader, a trustworthy friend, a strong member of the community, an attentive and kind partner, and a beast in the sack
  • Not in your 20s or 30s? See the FAQs for how you can still get involved

You Can Overcome Overwhelm, Addiction, Feeling Not Strong Enough, or Feeling Unheard

And you can be forgiven for the times you failed or came off the righteous path. You ARE worthy. You ARE kingly.

  • Discover where your habits are holding you back, and build better ones.

  • Align with your divine purpose, so that you can serve your ideal clients and customers, and feel the truth and validity of your actions and words.

  • Find where the energy blocks are within your spiritual body that are holding you back sexually, financially, and spiritually.

  •  Uncover the dynamics of the feminine mind, so that you are better able to communicate on dates, or with your wife or girlfriend, have better sex, and build trust even in times of difficulty.

  • Learn the pillars of wisdom, the principles of 'bee management, and the principles of manifestation.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

You don't need another Gumroad course. You need an immersion into a sacred space of wisdom, integrity, insights, and honesty.

You are not just any man. You are a king. You will not find this elsewhere. This is 'finishing school' for true kings.


I'm Rebecca Bardess, Queen of Kingmakers, Dot Com OG, Bunny Raised by Wolves

After surviving a severe traumatic brain injury from a car crash as a child, that put me in a coma, and left me unable to speak, read, or write, I discovered entrepreneurship. 

When everyone else says 'no' to your success, it is on you to say YES! Aged 11, that's what I did. When the medical profession said I wouldn't recover, I ignored them. When my Headmaster (Principle) said my IQ had dropped 7 years so I had to go back to kindergarten, I refused.

Instead, I taught myself to speak, read, and write, with no speech therapist.

I had to choose to sink under the weight of others' low expectations of me or rise like the queen I am, and set a new standard for those who came after me. I chose that one.

My IQ improved. 

I'm now MENSA level. I have an Honours Degree in English, which I guess is now both my first and second language, I'm a Bestselling Author, was a Magazine Columnist for six years, and am the imagination behind the early stages of the social web. You think a man came up with the idea of making business a chill at home deal? Dude! Think it through. Teleport back in time to the pre-internet days and think whether it's likely male Directors would ditch the old ways and skip happily into a virtual orchard of memes and smilies.

I was in Boardrooms full of suits telling me the old way must continue, as I pitched blogging before that was a word, and created a lolcat gif half a decade before the term came into being. When I wanted to build a permission based email list, my tech team BUILT an autoresponder. Because they didn't exist. 

So, yeah, permit me this not so humble-brag: I'm the mother-fudging OG. ;)

And, as the person on Money Twitter who's been in the online business space the longest (made my first $1,000 online in 1996 with email marketing) I've seen thousands of 'too big to fail' entrepreneurs come and go.

It's a revolving door.  

If you've been around a few years, you've seen it too.

If you haven't, you're probably still sucking up to the big dogs, hoping they notice you, and thinking they'll be around forever. 

They won't. They never are.

Of the thousands of people in that space, maybe 4 or 5 will still be kings in the space in 5 years, because when times get tough, they don't stick it out. Don't believe me, just watch. 

You need to be one of the guys who passes the test of time. King. Listen to me on this. Be one of them.

You won't do that by wringing your hands through the recession that's due any minute.

You won't do that by buying into the latest fad.

You'll do that by showing up as a freaking king.

You'll do that by learning from the person with the greatest longevity in the space.


Queen of Kingmakers. I didn't give myself that name. A bunch of guys did. 

I've been 'making kings' (more accurately, inspiring them with divine inspiration, and encouraging them to bring their greatness to that and grow) since the year dot.


Because, when I started out there were no women here. You could literally count us on one hand. We went to the same venture capital raising events, pitched the same billionaires. All that good stuff. And, yes, I was offered tens of millions of dollars for my ideas. And, yes, I've closed very high ticket. My biggest sale had a b at the start of it. But starting my career in the startup industry, during the Dot Com Boom meant negotiating daily with men, and leading men. So I set up a networking club for Company Directors in their 20s, when all such organizations were stuffy breakfast clubs. All but one member were men. And the woman who joined only did so because her husband did. She wasn't a Company Director. She was a badass lawyer though.

We did everything from salsa dancing nights to zip lining. Not news now, but I pioneered it. Nobody did that back then. 

I'm now 49, and I'm still coaching guys in their 20s. You've changed less than you think. There are issues that come up for guys over and over again in the 18-35 age group, and not enough people are talking about them. Instead, you're being blamed for things you are not equipped to overcome, because you're prevented from looking them in the face and being HONEST about them. It is time to do that. It is time for the masculine to bring to the feminine the mess that cannot be fixed alone. Chaos is not unmanageable to the feminine. It is the beginning of all things. It is the swirling mass of potential at the start of the universe that becomes everything with the structure of the masculine. You can bring me your chaos. I WILL help you to make sense of it, as I have for thousands of other men.

Frankly speaking, if you choose one path you'll be in floppy shoes for life. If you choose the other, you become a king. 

You deserve to kick off the floppy shoes and pick up the crown. You deserve to become great. I can help you do that.


Rebecca... thanks for opening my mind, and simplifying the process of business and marketing online. Reaching out to you as a business coach and mentor is the best decision I have made without a doubt. Heaps delivered in value. Thank you. The journey ahead will be fun!!

Henare Tewhairua Dewes

Organizes Wilderness Experiences For Company Directors of Some of the Largest Companies in the World

It's def worth it... I remember buying those 12 week packages and looking forward every week for direction...

She said she saw something in me that I could not see...

She said I would become bigger than many people and I thought it was just BS...

She was right...

She definitely has a gift.

Giancarlo Barraza 
Internet Marketing Legend, Former Pro Football/Soccer Player

So blessed to have such great mentors... Rebecca [Bardess]... If you have ever aspired to be an author, follow Rebecca.

Ray Higdon

Speaker, Author, Network Marketer, Inc 5,000


Stephen Fry

Actor, Author, British National Treasure, Legend

Rebecca, you're an amazing woman. So many would have given up or compromised their writing to fit the commercial market. But you still write what you want to write, what you need to write - and I admire you for it. 


Holly Matthews

Actress, Singer, Coach 

Seriously, I just want to put it out there that Rebecca Bardess is a total legend and reminds me the world is full of people who think like you if you just look... She's a fantastic coach, mentor, and all round good egg! You have taught me lots, now it's time to unleash it all. πŸ˜‰


Joe Vitale 

Star of the movie "The Secret", Author, LoA and Marketing Legend 

You're an impressive person! I love your energy, style, and wise insights. I also love your book. 











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