Indiepreneurs Make Their Own Rules

Don't let dabblers and doubters confuse you. Define your own path. Sure, it might look weird, but weird means 'destiny' and those in pursuit of destiny rather than mediocrity are totally weird.Ā 

Should you listen to the 6 second TikTok Titans who point at words?

Should you follow the herd on Money X, or the manosphere, basing your decision on vanity metrics rather than time proven experience?

Should you let the algorithm choose?

We are the only provider of coaching for indiepreneurs that comes from one of the first bloggers and email marketers in the world. Not only did she popularize the term 'indiepreneur', but Rebecca Bardess was a Founder of the Internet Marketing industry as a whole.

She has also been activating kings online for two decades, earning her the title: Queen of Kingmakers.

What is an Indiepreneur?

Indiepreneurs are independent minded Entrepreneurs, Creators, and Influencers, who want to live a life on their own terms, that is purposeful, inspiring, and adventurous, while also nurturing their health, relationships, and spiritual connection.

Rebecca'sĀ Like A BardessĀ podcast and blog, have tips and training for the Work From Home crew (most of her listeners are men under 40) on health, wealthy, happiness, love and intimacy, self-esteem, and spiritual connection. Our core students appreciate us being frank, real, honest, and authentic in our communication, so that they can do likewise. For this reason, don't read the blog or listen to the podcast if you're of a delicate disposition as we cannot always guarantee the ambienceĀ of a royal banquet here.




Give Your Home Business A Boost

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Resurrect Your Self-Respect

You deserve the respect of others, and that starts with respecting yourself.Ā 

Whatever you've done, or failed to do, in the past this spring is a new page in the story of your life. It's time to resurrect your self-respect!



















Joe Vitale 

Star of the movie "The Secret", Author, LoA and Marketing Legend 

You're an impressive person! I love your energy, style, and wise insights. I also love your book.  

Work With Rebecca

Henare Tewhairua Dewes  

Organizes Wilderness Experiences For Company Directors of Some of the Largest Companies in the World

Rebecca... thanks for opening my mind, and simplifying the process of business and marketing online. Reaching out to you as a business coach and mentor is the best decision I have made without a doubt. Heaps delivered in value. Thank you. The journey ahead will be fun!!

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Stephen Fry  

Actor, Author, British National Treasure, Legend

Rebecca, you're an amazing woman. So many would have given up or compromised their writing ... But you still write what you want to write, what you need to write - and I admire you for it. 

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My methods

Three paths to explore:

My Bee Management™ System, helps men identify and balance emotions, to help overcome bad habits, bad moods, and addictions.
High level 1-2-1 Coaching with Rebecca Bardess. Click "Let's Talk" to book a free 15 minute strategy session if you're SERIOUS about working with Rebecca.
Divine 6 Week Group Coaching Immersion For Aspiring Kings.

I’ll show you how to leave behind the mistakes of the past, and step into your divinely powerful, authentic and purposeful future.

Rebecca Bardess

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About Rebecca

Rebecca was one of the early Dot Com Pioneers, making her first $1,000 online in 1996.

Since then, she's been on the front covers of business and writing industry magazines, written columns for three magazines, become a bestselling author, and coached kings and queens from obscurity to millionaire status. 

She's been called The Queen of Kingmakers for many years, because she has coached men not only to become kings, but also to create kings. In fact, she has now coached men in their 20s for 20 years.

Having coached everyone from Gen X Company Directors in the Dot Com Boom to Millennial Network and Affiliate Marketers, to TikTok famous Influencers, she has a unique level of wisdom on what has changed for men in this age group over time online, and what's constant.

For more about Rebecca, click the button below. 

About Rebecca

Giancarlo Barraza 

Internet Marketing Legend, Former Pro Football/Soccer Player

It's definitely worth it.

I remember buying those 12 week packages and looking forward every week for direction.

She said she saw something in me that I could not see.

She said I would become bigger than many people and I thought it was just BS...

She was right...

She definitely has a gift.

Work With Rebecca

Let's Bring Back The Blogosphere

Advice on Escaping The Office Cubicle For Male Indiepreneurs

5 Evergreen Niches, and 5 New Ones

Should You Fake It Until You Make It?

Spend Time With Friends Who Get You

The Indiepreneur Academy Membership (IAM) Social Network

Find Your Tribe 

Indiepreneur Academy Membership (IAM) connects you with friends who are also indiepreneurs, facing the same challenges as you. You will also find private sections inside the app that are only open to you if you are in specific classes with Rebecca, such as The New Chivalry

Indiepreneur Academy Membership is a low ticket monthly membership that gives you the basic level access to this private network. You will also get recorded training audios, videos and PDFs that take you through the basics of building a business, and working from home without feeling alone or overwhelmed. 

Take Me To IAM, and Give Me a Free Book!

Start Your Journey!

If you know you are meant to be more than an average work from home side hustler, it's time to get serious about coaching. If you're a young man, struggling to balance your drive for success with your drives towards addictive or destructive patterns and relationships, watch this video:


The New Chivalry Group Coaching


Split Payment Available

  • A divine Immersion to unlock your secret, hidden powers, slay your demons, and embody the ancient, kingly virtues that all true gentlemen must master
  • The IAM With Friends App throughout the course, including special access to exclusive groups
  • Mystery & Mastery: Course on the sacred dance between the masculine and feminine, to help with manifestation, dating, and purpose
  • Membership of The BROTHerhood while in The New Chivalry, including the course inside the app that teaches how to increase health, wealth, joy, love, self esteem and spiritual connection using one simple and inexpensive household item
  • Planners, journals, goal setting documents, etc within the app while you're learning
  • Accountability buddy system, including helpline if overcoming bad habits
  • Watercooler, to hang out with your new friends on audio or video
  • Around a year's worth of training delivered over 6 week immersive bootcamp, for paradigm shifting, quantum leap results
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Chivalrous Legend 1-2-1 Coaching


Affordable Monthly Payment Plan Available

Everything in The New Chivalry Group Coaching, PLUS:

  • 1 year of coaching with Rebecca Bardess, which can be delivered over 6 months for faster results if required
  • Additional support via voice messages and texts
  • In depth spiritual work, if required, for added clarity on your purpose, and on any ancestral trauma that needs to be released, which may include channeling and mediumship
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It Is Time To Become The Potent, Divinely Aligned, King You Are Destined To Be

If you know you are meant for more than the clownery and con-artistry of the F your Feelings and PuA paradigm, you must access and embody the ancient chivalrous truths that led great men to do noble things. Click the button to learn more.


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