"You're an impressive person! I love your energy, style, and wise insights. I also love your book. "

Joe Vitale
Star of the movie "The Secret", Author, LoA and Marketing Legend

"Rebecca, you're an amazing woman. So many would have given up or compromised their writing to fit the commercial market. But you still write what you want to write, what you need to write - and I admire you for it. "

Stephen Fry
Actor, Author, Genius, Legend

"Rebecca is just an absolutely wonderful person filled with incredible and wise insights. She has the ability to pull back the curtain of your mind and let the sunshine in on ideas you otherwise didn't know were there. Her whole brain approach is revolutionary! "

Lexus Williams
Entrepreneur & Speaker

"So blessed to have two such great mentors. Maria Andros and Rebecca [Bardess]... If you have ever aspired to be an author, follow Rebecca."

Ray Higdon
Speaker, Author, Network Marketer, Inc 5,000

"Seriously, I just want to put it out there that Rebecca Bardess is a total legend and reminds me the world is full of people who think like you if you just look... She's a fantastic coach, mentor, and all round good egg! You have taught me lots, now it's time to unleash it all. 😉"

Holly Matthews
Actress, Singer, Celebrity, Coach

"It's def worth it... I remember buying those 12 week packages and looking forward every week for direction... She said she saw something in me that I could not see... She said I would become bigger than many people and I thought it was just BS... She was right... She def has a gift."

Giancarlo Barraza (Coach Giani)
Internet Marketing Legend, Former Pro Football/Soccer Player

"I am forever grateful for Rebecca Bardess! When I was just starting out, after floundering around and overwhelmed with the online world, I decided to invest in myself and hired Rebecca as my coach... BEST THING I HAVE DONE! After that I have had other coaches, yet I can honestly say that Rebecca under promises and over delivers EVERY TIME!!! She saw my strengths, when I didn't see ANY, and helped me develop confidence and realize the value. She taught me sales funnel creation, finding the target audience, and SO much more. I would recommend her as a coach in a heartbeat. ❤️"

Jane Orlov
Top Network Marketer

"You are a meta-change agent. The queen of them all."

Linda Mae Vorthman
Business Owner

"Rebecca rocks and totally helped me have an amazing breakthrough in creating content."

Joshua Smith

"I have known Rebecca for about 6 years. She is one of my "go to" people when I am looking for concrete info on what's "up and coming" in the social media scene. She is a voice of reason in a sea of "hype". She has been my coach, my friend and a mentor. I guarantee that if you are looking for a coach who is going to push you, hold you accountable and celebrate your successes... you have found her."

MB Gibbons
Network Marketer and Health Expert

"Rebecca... thanks for opening my mind, and simplifying the process of business and marketing online. Reaching out to you as a business coach and mentor is the best decision I have made without a doubt. Heaps delivered in value. Thank you. The journey ahead will be fun!!"

Henare Tewhairua Dewes
Organizes Wilderness Experiences For Company Directors

"I have the privilege of working with Rebecca Bardess. She’s so much more than a business coach, although she’s great at that!

She has been a coach and a counselor to help me through all kinds of personal & health difficulties that got in the way of me writing a book.

When I finished, “Taxmageddon 2018”, that really was only the beginning. She helped design the roll-out campaign for the successful launch. With a unique launch only to beta readers, I made money to pay for marketing the book later. The initial launch, with no paid advertising, got us to #1 in 6 Amazon categories. Without Rebecca’s help, I wouldn’t even have finished this book, let alone have such a successful launch.

We now have the next 18 months planned out. I am happier, healthier and richer in all ways because of knowing and working with Rebecca. She is a treasure. "

Diane Kennedy
CPA, New York Times Best Selling Author, Amazon Best Selling Author

"Rebecca is an extraordinary visionary coach!"

Henry Tay
Internet Marketer

"I was a total internet newbie this year and only started this affiliate/attraction marketing towards the end of the summer, thanks to Rebecca. My 90 days are just over and I have 1100 leads and a real sense of accomplishment but not only that... I now realise what CAN be achieved."

Robin Morton
Author, Affiliate Marketer

"Big shout out to my business coach, Rebecca Bardess! She helped me overcome my own limitations and find my true self on the road to success. She has vision, a vision that I didn't see about myself and my business. She pointed me in the right direction when I needed it most. Thank you Rebecca! It's such a pleasure to work with you. You make great things happen.🙂"

Sue Maisano
Internet Marketer

"From working privately with you, I know you are no-nonsense when it comes to calling me on my crap. You honestly care about the people you work with, and you never try to force someone into some program you are in if it is not a good fit for them. You always try to do what's best for the person, even if it is sending them somewhere else. "

Valorie Stricklin
Affiliate Marketer

"Rebecca Bardess is such an amazing Coach. She stepped up and helped me tremendously when I was first starting out. We continue to be friends though our the years. I trust her completely and she always over delivers. She is an amazing copywriter, friend, coach and person in general. Cheers to many more years of friendship and leadership from you."

Betsy Stevens
Internet Marketer

"Awesome coach! Highly recommended!!!!! Thanks for all that you do, Rebecca! You *~ROCK!~*"

Amy Burbank
Musician, Writer, Marketer


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