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Joe Vitale 

Star of the movie "The Secret", Author, LoA and Marketing Legend 

You're an impressive person! I love your energy, style, and wise insights. I also love your book.  

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Henare Tewhairua Dewes  

Organizes Wilderness Experiences For Company Directors of Some of the Largest Companies in the World

Rebecca... thanks for opening my mind, and simplifying the process of business and marketing online. Reaching out to you as a business coach and mentor is the best decision I have made without a doubt. Heaps delivered in value. Thank you. The journey ahead will be fun!!

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Stephen Fry  

Actor, Author, British National Treasure, Legend

Rebecca, you're an amazing woman. So many would have given up or compromised their writing ... But you still write what you want to write, what you need to write - and I admire you for it. 

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Giancarlo Barraza 

Internet Marketing Legend, Former Pro Football/Soccer Player

It's definitely worth it.

I remember buying those 12 week packages and looking forward every week for direction.

She said she saw something in me that I could not see.

She said I would become bigger than many people and I thought it was just BS...

She was right...

She definitely has a gift.

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