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Gravitational Planning System (GPS)

Ever struggle with getting organised, find New Year's Resolutions tricky to stick with, feel a bit scattered and overwhelmed, or just find the standard left brained planning options a bit boring? This will get you back on track. You can spend a week on this, or set aside a few hours over a weekend and cram if you prefer. Building an empire is good, but building a universe is so much better! 

Coaching With Rebecca

If you're like most indiepreneurs, you're hard working, independent minded, and creative. You also probably suck at asking for help. Hey, I've been there! The fact is that even if you are doing everything in your business, you still need help. You need to know that once a week, someone will listen to your struggles, hold you accountable to your dreams, and see a bigger vision for you than you're able to see for yourself. That person is me. Let's chat. 

The Right To Write

Featuring an EXCLUSIVE interview with multiple New York Times best selling author and the top High Performance Expert in the world, Brendon Burchard, this course will help unstick your creative genius and give you the right to write whatever you feel compelled to birth as an author.

The course also includes extensive training from Rebecca Bardess, giving you access to her expertise after writing for the best selling magazine for writers in the UK for six years, and being a best selling author in multiple countries.

The Blog of a Bardess

Rebecca Bardess began blogging in 1999, before it was called 'blogging'. She has won awards for blogging, including Google's Blog of Note award. This is her brand new blog where she is blogging about topics that matter to indiepreneurs, including: running a home or small business; work/life balance; social media marketing; high performance psychology; creativity; gender empowerment; 'mind, body, spirit' theories; and whole minded thinking.

Home Business Authority Blueprint

To get a full understanding of the home business industry, and how to position yourself as an authority there, you need this course. You will learn all you need to build the business of your dreams from home, including:

  • How to find your 'why'
  • How to close sales
  • How to build a team
  • How to position yourself as a leader
  • How to define your 'avatar'
  • How to get 'message to market match' with your copywriting and videos
  • And MUCH more...

Home Business Authority Blueprint

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