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"I have the privilege of working with Rebecca Bardess. She’s so much more than a business coach, although she’s great at that!

She has been a coach and a counselor to help me through all kinds of personal & health difficulties that got in the way of me writing a book.

When I finished, “Taxmageddon 2018”, that really was only the beginning. She helped design the roll-out campaign for the successful launch. With a unique launch only to beta readers, I made money to pay for marketing the book later. The initial launch, with no paid advertising, got us to #1 in 6 Amazon categories. Without Rebecca’s help, I wouldn’t even have finished this book, let alone have such a successful launch.

We now have the next 18 months planned out. I am happier, healthier and richer in all ways because of knowing and working with Rebecca. She is a treasure. "

Diane Kennedy
CPA, New York Times Best Selling Author, Amazon Best Selling Author

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