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Rebecca's Story...

  • Rebecca Bardess is an award winning writer, coach, marketer and social media influencer. She started her journey online in the 90s as a Dot Com Pioneer and one of the founders of attraction marketing and blogging.
  • Rebecca sustained extensive traumatic brain injury in her language areas when she was in a car crash as a child. When she awoke from a coma she was unable to speak, read, write, or walk. The walking came back within weeks, but teaching herself to master English again (no speech therapist was provided as she was deemed beyond help) took years. She now has a degree in English, and is a best selling author, magazine columnist, and copywriter.
  • She has interviewed celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Brendon Burchard, and Christina Aguilera's mum. 

Rebecca... In Other People's Words

Of Rebecca's Twitter Influence

Twitter is becoming an all-pervasive power in popular culture: it has an increasingly enormous influence on film releases, albums sales, book deals and web hits – and it creates stars. Stars like Rebecca [Bardess].

Rebecca, you're an amazing woman. So many would have given up or compromised their writing to fit the commercial market. But you still write what you want to write, what you need to write - and I admire you for it. I wish you all the luck in the world. 

- Stephen Fry (Actor, Author, British National Treasure, Legend)

On Front Cover of What's Working Now Magazine

Get one-on-one, individualized coaching from marketing rockstars like Rebecca, who will help you discover how to play to your strengths and tap into your latent entrepreneurial DNA.

Andrew Draughon
Editor, What’s Working Now

Of Rebecca's Win of the Ms Twitter UK Award

"...A victory for literature over liposuction" Brilliant. A great argument for the intelligent use of Twitter.

Finalist in Shorty Awards

Finalist in The Shorty Awards, beating JK Rowling in the Literature Category (Taylor Swift pictured accepting her award).

It's definitely worth it... I remember buying those 12 week packages and looking forward every week for direction... She definitely has a gift.

– Giancarlo Barraza (TV Star on Grant Cardone's Network)

She is a fantastic coach, mentor and all round good egg.

- Holly Matthews (Actress, Singer, Coach) 

An extremely professional writer and a very influential person; it's always nice to work with someone who understands the direction of social media completely and can bring a real creativity to projects. 

- Mark Buckland, Cargo Publishing MD


People in Network Marketing Who Hired Rebecca As A Coach And Got Great Results

Ray Higdon

Rebecca edited his first two books: Vibrational Money Immersion and Top Earner Recruiting Secrets, designed the front cover of VMI and wrote the foreword for it.

So blessed to have two such great mentors. Maria Andros and Rebecca [Bardess]... If you have ever aspired to be an author, follow Rebecca.

Jane Orlov - Top Earner in Network Marketing

I am forever grateful for Rebecca Bardess. When I was just starting out after floundering around and overwhelmed with the online world, I decided to invest in myself and hired Rebecca as my coach... Best thing I have done!

After that I have had other coaches, yet I can honestly say that Rebecca under promises and over delivers EVERY TIME!!!

She saw my strengths, when I didn't see ANY, and helped me develop confidence and realize the value.

She taught me sales funnel creation, finding the target audience, and SO much more.

I would recommend her as a coach in a heartbeat ❤️

Is Rebecca The Coach For You?

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I don't help people just get information. I lead them through inspiration into transformation.
I help those who have lost to win, and I help those who have won to FEEL the win. 

My mission 

  • To help those to whom life has said 'no' to say 'yes' to life.
  • To help those who've been told they can't, to tell themselves that they CAN.
  • To help those who've fought the odds and won financially to integrate that into an even more fulfilling and holistic accomplishment.
This site is fully GDPR compliant and anything you tell me in confidence as a coach remains confidential. When I share the stories of clients, it is with their express permission or I am sharing what they've already put in the public domain.

Want to Live The MacBook Lifestyle or Tour With The Band?

You can travel around the world if you like. You can wake up in hotels and all that malarky or you can stay at home and tend an organic garden.


You can tour with your band or write a book from a mountain top.


You can help the homeless or build a school for people in a remote village.


You can go back to university in your 40s or be a millionaire in your 20s.


You can find enlightenment or spend more quality time with your dog. What you can't do is be a lone wolf. If you really want to follow your passions, you need a coach.


Read my story and my blog. Maybe you're meant to work with me. If you think you are, there's a test after my story below. If you pass it, you win some free coaching, so make sure you take it. Good luck!

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The Key To Discovering Your True North

If you've lost track of your goals or are just lacking a sense of direction, this course will help you find out where you are, who you are, and how your universe should look. You'll use this over and over again. Many use it every quarter to keep them on track with resolutions. 


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