Is It Bring Your Trauma To Work Day?

Life since 2020 has been traumatising for everyone, but we all bring our own flavour of trauma coping to every day, regardless of whether it's a Big News Day or a Tuesday. So, let's talk about it. 

How You Bring Your Trauma To Work

When you look back on your childhood, do you think it was pretty much perfect, but you have gaps? You might be hiding things from yourself. It's a common coping mechanism. Listen to the Freeze and Friend/Fawn sections in particular in my latest Like A Bardess podcast. 

If you're aware that you've had some trauma in the past, however, you may already be aware that you have patterns of trauma response, and that you're taking them into relationships and your business. The podcast will help you iron this all out for yourself, and it'll only take half an hour of your time (or 15 if you double speed it). I recommend you take notes, and re-listen until you have it down.

In the podcast, I break down the following trauma responses, and how you're...

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A Wing And A Prayer (Jordan Peterson)

I Wanted to Cancel Jordan Peterson

The reason I got into the teachings of Jordan Peterson wasn't because my friends were fans. At the time, most people around me were trying to cancel him. His name wasn't to be mentioned. He was a Universally Bad Thing. So, I planned to cancel him. EXCEPT... I had set myself a rule. The moment I want to cancel someone, except if their action was directed at me personally and was demonstrably dangerous or hateful, I HAVE TO  watch their videos, listen to their podcasts, or buy their books.

With Peterson, this was hard. What I'd seen (clips of videos and text) was absolutely at odds with my beliefs. Of course he must be cancelled. But... the rule. So, I bought a book of HIS rules, and I read. 

He is Fractally Wrong, Except Where He's Right

The state of being fractally wrong is that you are wrong on all parts. Your overview is wrong. The specifics of your points are wrong. Every fragment is wrongness. From what I'd seen, this was accurate....

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Why The Gabby Petito Case Matters


TRIGGER WARNING: Podcast contains information about the Gabby Petito disappearance and homicide, including domestic abuse, narcissistic reactive abuse, etc. 

In this podcast, I talk about why the Gabby Petito case (which at the time of writing is ongoing) is important, and ask:

  • Why are people talking about this so much?
  • What can we learn?
  • What can we do better?
  • How can we honour her memory?


What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments. 

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Heaven And Hell Are Here, Now.

Are You In Heaven Or Hell?

In 2017, I took four months to travel in contemplation of the idea that Heaven and Hell may be places we occupy while alive, and to find the missing pieces of my understanding of the energies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. 

I cannot explain fully why this was so important to me, and I didn't travel anywhere particularly spectacular to do this work. I stayed in hotels, motels, and apartments. I didn't plan the physical journey. I went where I felt I was called to go. 

This took me to churches and henges. It took me to streets full of homeless people, whom I fed. It took me to the middle of the countryside, and the middle of cities. It took me to a spiritual healing church where people laid hands on me.

It was a pretty eccentric journey, full of random coincidences, and endless butterflies. I was surrounded by butterflies constantly. They landed on my car when I parked. Rare butterflies like Painted Ladies and Red Admirals crossed...

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Leave The Old You Behind

Your Circle Of Friends

  • The friends in your life are shaping the future of your life.
  • Loyalty has an expiration date. If you're a good person, you may stay loyal to people whose loyalty to you is already expired. Don't forgive longer than you should. Even The Bible puts a limit on it. When asked whether a person should forgive someone as many as seven times, Jesus said: “I say not … seven times: but, Until seventy times seven” (Matthew 18:22, KJV). You could read that as a limitless amount, but having survived narcissistic abuse where I forgave many more times than that... I'm pretty sure Jesus is giving us an out. Once someone has shown their true colours enough times, let go and let God

God's Got You

  • Don't get caught up with the process. Everything you're going through is preparing you for what you asked God for. You may not see that now, but on the other side of it you'll see it and be OK with it. He's going to fix it. If God was through with you, you...
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Overcoming Addiction - Lessons From Russell Brand

12 Steps To Recovery

Do you struggle with addictions and attachments? Are you dependent on things outside yourself for your sanity? If so, you may need to consider recovery from that before it becomes more entrenched. 

12 Step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, can help support you with this. In this video, Russell Brand shares the first two steps. 

As someone who struggled with drug addiction for 7 years in early adulthood, and is now 22 years clean, I didn't really know about these programs at the time and tried to do everything on my own. It worked, but I put myself in a fair amount of danger by doing it that way (I went cold turkey off benzodiazepines. A VERY bad idea). It would have made way more sense to use a 12 step program.

There is no shame in being honest with yourself if any dependency or addiction has reached the point where it is harming your life or future health. 

Time To Be Honest

Do you struggle with addictions and attachments? Here are...

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Life Is Suffering ft. Jordan Peterson

Positive Vibes Only!

We've all seen Positive Vibes Only people. In some cases, it's that they've been through so much that they just cannot handle anything but positive vibes. If that's you, I'm sorry you've been through that. If you've done the work, and integrated your shadow self, do what works for you. 

Some people have lived as their shadow selves (a term Jung termed for the darker side of the personality) through addiction or aggression, and have so thoroughly explored it that they are ready to live fully in the brightest aspects of themselves. That is a hard path, and one few can walk. But, again, if you've done the work to integrate the parts of yourself, and you've got therapy to work through the deep trauma, have at it.

For everyone else, the work of integrating the shadow self is vital. No, you are not just the fluffy bunny. You are also the wolf/cougar/tiger. You are not just the bright and shiny light. You are also the shadow that is cast when that light shines...

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Be The Hero (Akira The Don Ft. Joe Rogan)


Over the next few months, I will share 'meaningwave' type music with you, and break down the meanings in these songs.

That means these blog posts will be article length, not the snappy little soundbite info that you scroll through daily.

For that reason, only people commited to growth will read and digest them.

Those with absolute focus on the highest levels of success will take notes.

The rest might just listen to the music. All good. But challenge yourself to be present for longer form content. Your brain is being destroyed by fast content.


Spend time with me here.

Listen to the music.

Read the posts.

Be here, now.

This is a chill academy, but it IS an academy. You're here to learn. Stay long enough to do so. 

If you share this on Twitter, tag me so I can put you into draws for special offers I reserve for those that support Indiepreneur.Academy

What is Meaningwave?

It's something that Akira The Don began in 2017 that combines music and personal/spiritual...

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What is Money Twitter?

Money Twitter Definition

Money Twitter is a corner of Twitter where indiepreneurs (solo entrepreneurs, and others with an independent, entrepreneurial mindset) meet and trade. 

People often ask what Money Twitter is, so bookmark this or throw the link into your notes so you don't spend your whole life explaining it. 


As with anywhere online, that's largely shaped by who you follow. However, there is a dominant culture on Money Twitter and it's male focused. That may be an understatement. Few of the large accounts there are run by women, and the atmosphere is frequently pretty intimidating or even unsafe for women. I've received everything from threats for suggesting women are sexual beings who actually enjoy sex (we are and we do) to d*** pics. I'm leading with the bad stuff, because there is SO much good stuff, but if being treated with respect as a woman or as any person who doesn't live in a gym is a non-negotiable for you, this isn't going to be your...

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Lessons From George & The Dragon

Today is St George's Day in England. The legend of St George is fascinating, not least because George is presented as the epitome of Englishness, but wasn't actually English

However, I'd like to focus on the idea of dragons for this post. Not cute dragons like in Shrek, but scary dragons. The dragons of the dark cave you fear to enter, inside yourself. 

Heavy stuff? Maybe. But it's a journey worth taking, because dragons protect treasure. So the dragons inside are wrapped around your greatest treasure of all, and it's time to take it back. 

What Are You Hiding?

What is hidden at the core of your being that could help not only you but also others if you'd just let it see the light of day?

The dragon of rage wakes up when you try to look at what it protects. Why? What's so precious?

Often, it's vulnerability. It's our inner bunny or fawn. It's our frailty or imperfection. It's the times we failed to do our best. It's humiliation. It's the secret suspicion that we...

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