What is Money Twitter?

Money Twitter Definition

Money Twitter is a corner of Twitter where indiepreneurs (solo entrepreneurs, and others with an independent, entrepreneurial mindset) meet and trade. 

People often ask what Money Twitter is, so bookmark this or throw the link into your notes so you don't spend your whole life explaining it. 


As with anywhere online, that's largely shaped by who you follow. However, there is a dominant culture on Money Twitter and it's male focused. That may be an understatement. Few of the large accounts there are run by women, and the atmosphere is frequently pretty intimidating or even unsafe for women. I've received everything from threats for suggesting women are sexual beings who actually enjoy sex (we are and we do) to d*** pics. I'm leading with the bad stuff, because there is SO much good stuff, but if being treated with respect as a woman or as any person who doesn't live in a gym is a non-negotiable for you, this isn't going to be your...

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Lessons From George & The Dragon

Today is St George's Day in England. The legend of St George is fascinating, not least because George is presented as the epitome of Englishness, but wasn't actually English

However, I'd like to focus on the idea of dragons for this post. Not cute dragons like in Shrek, but scary dragons. The dragons of the dark cave you fear to enter, inside yourself. 

Heavy stuff? Maybe. But it's a journey worth taking, because dragons protect treasure. So the dragons inside are wrapped around your greatest treasure of all, and it's time to take it back. 

What Are You Hiding?

What is hidden at the core of your being that could help not only you but also others if you'd just let it see the light of day?

The dragon of rage wakes up when you try to look at what it protects. Why? What's so precious?

Often, it's vulnerability. It's our inner bunny or fawn. It's our frailty or imperfection. It's the times we failed to do our best. It's humiliation. It's the secret suspicion that we...

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Crucial Distinction: Urgent or Important?

The alarm goes off.

You reach for your phone. 

You switch off the alarm.

Best check twitter, or IG or FB or webtalk...

You see something trending, or a viral thread.


You get pulled into a hall of mirrors, showing you every possible reading of the news event or disagreement about marketing, or whatever it is. 

You look at the time. 2 hours have passed. 

Was it really urgent? Was it important?


Something's urgent if it's time sensitive and significant. A news event that affects you directly is urgent. For instance, if your area goes into lockdown due to COVID-19, that's urgent. It's also important. 

A sale could also be urgent, but it isn't necessarily important. It only becomes both urgent AND important if you already know the thing or service is of value to you, and you're being offered a deal you can't refuse. 


Things are important if they're substantially significant to your purpose or life. Time with your family is important....

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How To Close: Fear, Dream, Quantify, Close

Many people are effective marketers, and may even be good at sales, but come unstuck when they reach the close. 

There are many ways to close a prospect. I coach extensively on this with my clients, and in Indiepreneur Academy Membership, since it's such a crucial skill. However, if you want a 'quick and dirty' way to do it, I've used this approach to convert high ticket. 

Fear, Dream, Quantify, Close

A client of mine was a large and prestigious affiliate marketing company. They sold a product at the $1,997 level, and they needed a team of people to upsell their affiliates and prospects into that level. 

I knew I could sell the product, as I'd been the top affiliate in the company before, but I listened as they told me the framework that had worked for them. I can't find where this came from initially, but it works. Fear, Dream, Quantify, Close. I used this to close up to 3 $1,997 sales a day. 



People act as they do because they are...

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The Best Ways to Overcome the Stress of Being Lonely and Scared During The Coronavirus Lockdown

We're All In The Same Boat

While it's true that the quality of the cabins on the boat differ, with some running out of food and some containing abusers, for instance, we are all in the same boat. It's currently sinking, and it requires the work of all of us to make it sea-worthy again. No matter how swanky the most majestic cabin, if The Titanic hits the bottom of the ocean, the extra gilding does nothing to save the occupants. 

Pretty grim. Also, kinda enlightening. COVID-19 has taught us how interconnected we all are, and how dependent we all are on each other for survival. The biggest heroes and heroines of the moment are not the yacht owners, but the nurses and the shelf stackers. The people we most rely upon to keep this ship afloat right now are the delivery drivers, the people who collect our rubbish, and the people who pick and pack vegetables. And the ones who most protect those vital workers are those of us who social distance, and stay home for all but urgent...

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The Spiritual Lessons of Coronavirus

“As I was walking with a friend through a beautiful nature reserve near Malibu in California, we came upon the ruins of what had been once a country house, destroyed by a fire several decades ago. As we approached the property, long overgrown with trees and all kinds of magnificent plants, there was a sign by the side of the trail put there by the park authorities. It read: danger. all structures are unstable. I said to my friend, “That’s a profound sutra [sacred scripture].” And we stood there in awe. Once you realize and accept that all structures (forms) are unstable, even the seemingly solid material ones, peace arises within you. This is because the recognition of the impermanence of all forms awakens you to the dimension of the formless within yourself, that which is beyond death. Jesus called it “eternal life.”

― Eckhart Tolle


All Structures Are Unstable

Allow me to break down the walls of formality for a second and address you...

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How To Prepare For Coronavirus Quarantine

How To Self-Isolate During The Coronavirus Epidemic

For a full step by step guide on how not only to prepare but also to make the most of self-isolation, I have made a resource called How To Be A Happy Hermit (opens in new window) based on what I did to get through self-isolation. This is a must if you want to make the most of the situation and maintain a level of emotional stability. However, the basic guidelines for safety are as follows:

  1. Stay at home. DO NOT go to school, work, or anywhere. Have no visitors.
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Like A Bardess: The New Podcast by Rebecca Bardess

Finally, I've taken a step I've thought of taking for years. I'm now a podcaster. 

An age ago I was a podcaster on the Cinch FM network, and they gave me celebrity status there, but it went out of business and I didn't pick up the podcast thing again. However, I now have a podcast that's on all the major podcasting apps, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and more. You can find links to all of them if you go to 'Like a Bardess'  or just open your app of choice and type in 'Like a Bardess'. 

Should You Be On TikTok Now?

My latest podcast is called 'Should You Be TikTok Famous?' and it's aimed at teens and people in their 20s who yearn for TikTok fame but don't necessarily know what the downfalls are. There are great tips in here, whatever your age, if you seek fame or overwhelming online success. However, if you have kids who are Gen Z or young Millennials, this is a must listen for you and them. 

  • What topics would you like me to...
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Why Everything You've Learned About Marketing Will Get You Cancelled On TikTok


Never before has a social network had a greater potential to win you fans AND destroy your business. The viral app, TikTok, has yet to 'age up' as a social network and is the most ageist network I've seen in terms of the userbase's insistence on icing out older people. However, if you're over 22, you still need to know about it or your business will suffer. For more on that, watch the video.

Generation Z are now coming into the adult world. The oldest are in their early 20s. You must understand their way of thinking if you plan to grow your business in the future, even if you don't work with them directly, as they will culturally impact on other generations and will alter the market you already have. The 'OK Boomer' phenomenon is a case in point. 

But first... If you're lucky enough to be seeing this blog post during Cyber Monday week, I have a crazy offer available on personal help with TikTok. If you've missed being one of the first 5, that link will still...

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What Is Webtalk? A Review of the New Social Network for Influencers and Marketers

In September last year, I was fortunate enough to be invited into Webtalk's invite-only beta. As someone who has beta tested for everyone from Twitter to Google, I'm used to seeing the insides of new social networks before launch. It has been a LONG time since I've been inside an invite-only beta that got me this excited. 

Rather than reel off all the features and benefits of the network (you can see an over-the-shoulder-walk-through of my account in the first video below, and a bells and whistles presentation on what's in it for business owners in the second video) I'll just give you a few bullet points:

  • If you're looking to become an influencer, Instagram's great but it's saturated. Webtalk is brand new. I'm the first influencer there. I'm literally pretty much your only competition right now.
  • If you have a business (home business, small business, coaching or writing business, etc) there is no better place than Webtalk to meet and connect with people. You can search...
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