The SPOOKY Truths

That Society Has Been Hiding From You


There are mind-altering truths, hidden in plain sight that can unlock the deepest aspects of your understanding, and make you a portal for true wisdom.

But knowledge is easy to access, and wisdom is rare. 

You are smart enough to understand on some level that you are a spiritual being blessed with a human experience, not merely a human being who sometimes has spiritual experiences.

At the very least, you suspect you are part of a far bigger experience of Life than the world would have you believe.

This knowledge makes you feel trapped when you're treated like a sheep or a puppet, because you know there is more to you than that. 

Powerful soul: you are not a puppet, controlled by either The State, The Media, or The Masses.

You are a true king or queen in your own right. 👑

In the midst of world political upheaval, and a plague, caught between 'you are an idiot if you do this' and 'you are selfish if you do that', you can lose sight of your profound importance to The Universe.

You ARE important, AND you are a good person, AND you have a right to determine your own path.

Most would rather let their egos shout than listen to the whispers of this deeper and more profound wisdom, because the deepest wisdom holds the understanding of nuance and balance.

Ego does not understand this.

Wisdom seeks peace.

Ego only seeks victory.

If shouting on social media until others are beaten into submission is your style, you're like most people, you're not ready for this level of understanding, and this course and book are not for you.

If you're NOT like most people, you want these secrets, so you can make your own decisions.

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The Season of Mystery Is More Than Pumpkin Spice Lattes. It Is A Time To Dive Into Your Depths...

Do You Know The Depths of Your Own, Sacred,  Hidden and Unmanifested, Mysteries? 🌟

It doesn't serve those with power over you for you to recognize how powerful you really are. You are truly magnificent, but you may only have been skimming ego pebbles across the surface of your magnificence, and also seeing only part of the greatness in your partners (in love or business).

You, and they, deserve better.

Have You Stepped Into Your Personal Mastery Yet?

Through the cold months of the year, it is time to discover your depths. It is time for the magic of mystery. When the temperatures once again rise, so will you, as you embrace your new mastery. But now is the time to move out of the shallow waters of knowledge and into the depths of true wisdom.

Don't fear your depths. I'll be with you every step of the way. 

I Want This Wisdom