These are the resources I use and suggest to others. 


Online marketing: Make your own products, build a list, create repeat customers, build teams, etc. There are two options I recommend for this. The first is the best on the market and the second is the cheapest. Both rock and I use both frequently. 

Kajabi - Brendon Burchard and most of the top marketers use this. Not the cheapest by any means but what you're reading now is built on this platform and it's the best without a doubt. Get your free trial here.

Power Lead System - Total freaking bargain. I've never known them to put up their prices for this, and I've used it since it launched (and used the software for years before this company launched). Free trial here.

Coaching - If you want help with social media influence, branding, list building, copywriting, mindset blocks, finding your purpose, or any aspect of business, here's what I've got, what it will do for you, and what my clients think of me: coaching.  

And finally... if all this change has you yearning for a hot bath, facial and organic smoothie, I've got you covered... Essante Organics



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