Yo! Dude!

I'm a time traveller from the year 1999. I've been searching the beaches and basements of the 90s and early 2000s, and dug up some righteous treasure! 

You wanna see it?

I warn you. There's shock and awe coolness if you click the button.

Take Me Out of Here! I'm So Ready to Time Travel!

Back in the days when you could just call someone 'Dude' if you didn't know their name, whether they were in a cowboy hat or a dress, Gen X and a few of the Boomers who got their minds unlocked to the Cosmic Coolness in the 60s did a collab on a thing we like to call The Interwebs.

Now, you don't call it that now, and it's way less cool than it was, Dude. I mean... you've got this whole world wide web of wonder to scribble on and you're harshing each others vibes over politics? Not cool. 

Gen X didn't play it like that. Put in your deets to discover how the 'new' marketing strategies you're losing your chill over are repackaged treasure from the days when TikTok was the sound your watch made.

Trigger warning: The past will be delivered unedited. We basically raised ourselves, and life was more about adventures and risks than safety and participation trophies. If everything offends you, stay in 2023. Yours is the world of reality TV made bands, Millennial Pink, and Cancel Culture. The authentic past is cancelled for you, but it's being revived and branded 'new' for ya elsewhere, in a way that doesn't offend the Al Gore rhythm. So you're good, right? We're cool? Cool. 

Everyone else, if you're brave enough to time travel, there's shenanigans to decipher, freedom to uncage, and the sources of legends to discover. Get on the spaceship Dudes!


What do you do if you're going down the street and you see a space man?

Park in it, man! 😄

Get in the back of the spaceship!