Home Business Authority Blueprint

Your blueprint to building an ethical, profitable business around your dreams and lifestyle.


Overcome Overwhelm

You will get clear on who you are, why you're here, who you're meant to help, and how you're meant to help them, so that you get out of overwhelm and into clarity of purpose.

Learn to Sell Online

Unless you're making money, you just have an expensive hobby. Rebecca will teach you how to market and close sales so that you finally have a  business. 

Build a Kickass Team

Whether you're building a network marketing company or a small business, you need a team. Rebecca will teach you how to recruit, duplicate, and differentiate.

Portable University For Busy People

Listen to Rebecca teach you, via downloadable audios, while you wash up, drive your car, walk your dog, etc. Thousands of people have been through this course, and many do so repeatedly. They love the fact that they can revise while they do other things. 

Who is Rebecca Bardess?

Rebecca lives in Britain, where she set up her first business aged 17. She later became a beta tester for the early web and a Dot Com Pioneer, closing her first £1,000 online in 1996 via email marketing. 

After the Dot Com Crash, Rebecca moved into the home business space, becoming a bestselling author and magazine columnist after leveraging social media to build an author platform. She is also a professional copywriter, having written for many high level marketers and entrepreneurs, including Grant Cardone.

She went on to become a top earner and recruiter in multiple companies, winning multiple awards. Her personal record for recruiting without paid ads is 123 people in 36 hours, and she recently built a team to 3,558 people over 5 levels of duplication in her first 90 days. 

She is the Founder of Indiepreneur Academy and coaches primarily solo entrepreneurs and creatives to unlock their core genius, master their mindset, and build lives with greater meaning. 

She puts not looking in her mid-40s down to not frowning at her career choice. If you have too many cubicle crinkles from living a life you hate, it's time to leave that job and step back into the wild. Home Business Authority Blueprint will help you do just that.

What You Get Inside Home Business Authority Blueprint

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Your introduction and welcome to the course, plus your downloadable PDF workbook which you can use as you go through the course. This will keep you on track, accountable, and in control.

Mindset training on how to get off to the best start in any new venture.

How to create a vision. Not your usual 'vision board' training. This includes an exclusive method Rebecca discovered when writing books, that nobody else has found.

  • Take action
  • Your ego
  • Do not hoard your brownies
  • Branding your vision
  • Your avatar
  • Elevator pitch
  • Assignments
  • Ethics
  • Sheep and Swarms
  • How to Make an Entrance
  • Servant Leadership
  • Assignments
  • Reticular Activating System
  • Your Chariot
  • Your Horse
  • How to Flip the People Who Pitch You
  • Assignments
  • Mirror Neurons
  • Where to Build Your Palace
  • Rules for Your Palace.
  • How Marketers Have Disempowered You
  • How to Take Back Your Power
  • Build a Resilient Business
  • Bestow Honours
  • Stand Your Ground
  • Assignments
  • Your Responsibilities
  • Your Business Ethics
  • Your Work Ethic
  • Your Vision and 'Until'
  • Feel, Felt, Found
  • Trolls, Bullies, and Meanies
  • Leverage
  • Assignments

Three live webinar recordings, featuring additional tips, q & a, etc.

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