How to Handle Psychological Clusters of Bees

Season #2

If you've struggled with someone close to you having a Cluster B personality disorder (or if you've struggled with traits like these yourself) this theory could help you to understand better what is happening.


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  1. I am neither a therapist nor a doctor. This is not a replacement for a qualified therapist. If you need one, these people are great and there are many therapists there who specialise in Cluster B disorders, as well as help with cPTSD etc from abuse by people with these kinds of personalities: Therapists: If you go through that link, you'll get an extra week for free.
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  3. Recommended app: Finch. This is helpful both for people with these conditions and for people recovering from narcissistic abuse. Again, in my opinion. This is not a therapist or doctor's opinion. This is the opinion of a random Brit on the internet.