Like a Bardess

Like a Bardess

Hosted by: Rebecca Bardess

Stories of resilience, resourcefulness, and rambunctiousness with Bard and Indiepreneur, Rebecca Bardess, and guests. Also, spirituality, psychology, and deeper meaning stuff. Mostly clean, but some uncensored...


Gabby Petito and Narcissistic Abuse

Season #2

My thoughts on the Gabby Petito case, why it's captured the attention of the public, what it tells us about domestic and narcissistic abuse, how reactive abuse shows up, and what we can learn from it to help heal...
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Smart Money Talks Money Twitter With Rebecca Bardess

Season #2

👑Tips for newbies to Twitter/Money Twitter about how to grow and account and become and Influencer in the Money Twitter space. 👑How to defeat fear of visibility, fear of failure, and fear of success. How $mart Money...
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#005: Should You Be TikTok Famous?

Season #1 Episode #5

Why people want fame The glamour vs the reality  Do you want fame or do you want reach and influence? How to get the needs identified in point 1 without fame. ---------------------- About Rebecca Bardess ⭐️Find...
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#004: Kobe Bryant, Cancel Culture, and Accepting Our Flawsome Selves

Season #1 Episode #4

Info: Kobe Bryant's 'complicated history' and Cancel Culture. Ego and success. How narcissists and empaths develop, and what they have in common. How to handle imperfect people, including ourselves. Narcissism...
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#003: Sex and Relationship Tips for the TikTok Generation. (Includes some 18+ Content)

Season #1 Episode #3

Sex and Relationship Tips for the TikTok Generation. Some of this content is 18+ so listeners' discretion is advised. TikTok Tinder  Age Gap Relationships Predators and Sex Workers Porn and Hook-Up Culture's...
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#002: If All Narcissists Are Monsters, How Come All Superheroes Are Narcissists?

Season #1 Episode #2

In this podcast, you will learn: What is a narcissist? Are you sure you're not a narcissist? Can narcissists change? How should you handle narcissists? Recovering from narcissistic abuse  N.B. I am not a...
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#001: Nell Gifford: 5 Lessons From A School Friend

Season #1 Episode #1

Helena Bonham Carter said of Nell Gifford, who died last month, and after whom she named her daughter: "I didn’t see her enough to get irritated by her and perhaps I’m in danger of canonising her now. But she was a...
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Like a Bardess (Trailer)

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