Is It BDE Or BPD That Makes Pete Davidson Irresistible To Women?

Season #2

N.B. This episode discusses BDE, but in a 15+ kinda way, not an 18+ kinda way, so if table legs or eggplants/aubergines give you a fainting spell, skip it. If, however, you live in 2021+ you've seen worse on twitter.

  • Pete Davidson's BDE: Is it about inches or something else?
  • Pete Davidson's BPD: What it is, how it's helping him attract women, and why you need to be aware of the red flags of BPD when someone charms you
  • My experience with BPD: How a guy with BPD swept me off my feet, and how we both could have handled the situation better in hindsight
  • The secret gifts of BPD, and the really bad stuff too

I'm not a therapist. See resources for one of those. This is based on my experience with people with personality disorders, as someone who's coached very many, and dated more than a few. TRIGGERS: Personality disorders, relationship and intimacy issues, abuse, self harm, suicidal ideation, trauma responses.

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