How Federal Prison Unlocked Wisdom For Brad - Part 1

Season #3

Contains 18+ content and potential triggers.*

Lessons from Brad, A.K.A. SurvivorsPath on X/Twitter (where you can follow him for updates on his journey and training) about how Federal prison taught him the value of honesty and humility.

In this fascinating interview, Brad shares authentically about the flaws that led him to spend 5 years inside Federal prison, the lessons about everything from mindset to relationships to spirituality and philosophy that he gathered while paying the price for his mistakes, and how young men can make different decisions to learn these lessons without doing time.


*Trigger Warnings and Disclaimer

This episode, and the following episode (the interview is in two parts) contain topics that may be triggering to some people. If these trigger you, this isn't the podcast episode for you:

  • Depression and suicidal ideation
  • Crime
  • Cluster B personality disorders, and traits thereof
  • Abuse
  • Prison
  • Neglect and abandonment issues
  • Relationship issues

Also, please note that this podcast is for purposes of information and entertainment. Neither party is a qualified therapist, so any opinions expressed that relate to mental health or psychology are just opinions. If you feel you need help with these issues, please ask a qualified therapist.


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