How to Make Better Decisions

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How to Make Better Decisions

Tony Robbins says that your destiny is decided in your moments of decision, and this is true. When you decide to date that person, or not; when you decide to take that drug, or not; when you decide to say "I do", or not, these are the moments that change your life: sometimes, forever. 

So, it makes sense to make GOOD decisions, doesn't it? 

Even if you think your decisions are good, imagine the difference in your outcomes if you made them just 10% better. Here's how:

  1. Values
    The right decisions honour your values.
    List 5 key values. Journal what they mean, prioritise them, and pin them up somewhere. You can also post them in the comments here. 
  2. Vision
    What do you imagine for your future? What do you need to do now to reach that vision? Don't make decisions based on who you've been. Make decisions on what you actually desire. Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Dream. Imagine. 
  3. Which option challenges and builds you?
    If you're trying to choose between two opportunities, which builds your character and strengths the most? Which is in integrity?
  4. Contribution Ethic
    Make the decision that extends beyond your ego, and makes a greater contribution. First, do what's authentic to you, and THEN think of contribution. This then protects you from codependency.

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