Winner of Commenter of Note Contest

Before I announce the winner of the very first Indiepreneur Academy Commenter of Note Award I'd like to challenge you all. I'm doing a 14 day challenge, starting today, to complete a course I started a while back that features an exclusive interview I did with the legendary Brendon Burchard. 

In fact, I think it would be pretty cool if I gave that course away to the next Commenter of Note. There's no limit to the number of times you can win this award, by the way, so if this blog inspires you... get commenting! I also pay attention to people sharing the blog and posting about it on social media. Let's get this new community BUZZING! 

Anyway, if you'd like to challenge yourself to do something epic over the next 14 days, too, start now! Let me know in the comments what you chose to complete in the next two weeks.

And The Winner Is...

Linda Mae Vorthman! Congratulations on being our first winner! 


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