Lessons From George & The Dragon

Today is St George's Day in England. The legend of St George is fascinating, not least because George is presented as the epitome of Englishness, but wasn't actually English

However, I'd like to focus on the idea of dragons for this post. Not cute dragons like in Shrek, but scary dragons. The dragons of the dark cave you fear to enter, inside yourself. 

Heavy stuff? Maybe. But it's a journey worth taking, because dragons protect treasure. So the dragons inside are wrapped around your greatest treasure of all, and it's time to take it back. 

What Are You Hiding?

What is hidden at the core of your being that could help not only you but also others if you'd just let it see the light of day?

The dragon of rage wakes up when you try to look at what it protects. Why? What's so precious?

Often, it's vulnerability. It's our inner bunny or fawn. It's our frailty or imperfection. It's the times we failed to do our best. It's humiliation. It's the secret suspicion that we don't deserve love. 

But we do. We all do. Including you. 

Your Mess Is Your Message

Your mess is your message.

Your wounds become your wisdom.

Your test becomes your testimony. 

But none of this happens unless you fight the dragon. 

The dragon that is so fierce is actually not fierce, but fear. You don't need to kill the dragon. You just need to shrink it to a manageable size, and distract it with something shiny. 

  • Reassure your dragon (wounded or unintegrated ego) that your treasure will be even more valuable when it's shared. It is not precious like a delicate egg. It's precious like a hard diamond that was forged through pressure. 
  • Distract your dragon with the promise that sharing who you truly are, flaws and all, will make you relatable to your market, and that will help business.

You Are Flawsome

Our fear of our vulnerability comes from not understanding just how great it is to be human, or just how imperfect humans are. 

If you think you can reach perfection, you're delusional. Think of perfect as a verb, not a noun. By all means work on perfecting the path you walk, but understand that 'perfect' is not a destination you will ever reach. And that's OK. You're human. 


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