Is God A Cosmic Vegetable?

I had a dream last night. In the dream, my late brother appeared. I could hear laughter from a group of people nearby who were having a light-hearted conversation. It felt like a summer party where everyone knows everyone, and all are accepted. I'm an empath. I pick up subtexts and weird energy at parties. I can tell who's faking it. Who's secretly envious of someone or secretly doesn't like someone. None of that. Everyone was accepted and nobody had an agenda. It was pure joy. Except, the only person I knew was my bro. We walked into a garden, looking out across a field. The sky was beautiful. The sunset just starting. Blue, pink, a hint of orange. 

We stood and looked at it for a while without speaking. I thought about the divine masculine, but I didn't say anything. He said:

"You've been thinking about the nature of the divine masculine". I nodded. He smiled.

"Want to see Him?" he asked.

I thought: "I'm pretty sure you can't show me God" but I didn't say anything. 

"I can show you", he said. 

"OK", I said.

There was a bright light in the sky. Like a big star that got bigger and bigger until it filled that part of the sky with white light, then the light gave way to an image, projected on the sky. At first, I struggled to make it out. I was nervous to see the 'face of God' and had no idea what that would be like. Then it came into focus. In glowing light in the evening sky... Was it? Could it really be? Mr... freaking... POTATO HEAD????

My brother smiled. 

"God is Mr Potato Head??" I asked. 

"Kinda", he replied. Then rain hammered on my bedroom window and I woke up before he could elaborate further. 

Then, I thought about it. What if God is Mr Potato Head? What does that mean?

Well... there are lots of different disguises you can buy in that range. Lots of ways you can dress up a potato to look like different things. But, at the end of the day, it's the same potato. I started to think of a real potato – because that's how the Mr Potato Head in the sky had looked.

Religions are the different decorations we stick on the potato, but when you take all that away, you're left with the potato.

A potato is pretty ordinary looking. But the decorations are not what sustains life. It's the potato that sustains life. 

If we take all the decorations we apply to the potato away: not just the religious decorations, but also the political, cultural, etc decorations, we're left with what sustains life. We're left with what is beneath all the decorations, whoever we are. If we could stop arguing over the decorations that try to make a potato into something more interesting than what it is, and recognise that divinity gets really interesting when it's mundane, we'd stop fighting. Omnipresence is mundane. It means that God is in everything at all times. God is in you. Everything and everyone is divine. Every tree. Every vegetable. Every animal. Every pebble. Every loyalty card. Everything. Because God is within every atom. Within everything. God is whatever you want Him to be, because He is everything. He is you. And, yes, God is Mr Potato Head. 


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