Yesterday's History. Tomorrow's a Mystery. Make Yourself Great Now!

I was thinking the other day, about the situation in America. I have many thoughts. Not a big fan of the current administration to be honest. That said, I'm not going to delve into all of that here. Instead, I want to talk about something I noticed about BOTH major parties. 

The Republicans are urging the electorate to pine for a 'golden past' with the phrase 'Make America Great Again'. If they'd stopped after word three, it would be a call to action for the future. If they'd made 'again' 'now' it would be a call to action for the present, but they chose the past. 

The Democrats are urging the electorate to strive for a 'golden future' by emphasising they are progressives and talking about how things could be better in the future if the current administration were gone. 

Neither party's marketing - beyond the usual muck fights of day to day politics - is focused on the now. 

It occurred to me that the only place things change is in the now. Eckhart Tolle talks about this often. The past was a collection of 'now moments'. The future will also be that. The only moment that ever actually exists is now. 

It also occurred to me that, to a degree that has never been the case, we are all connected on social media now. It is bizarre that so much political discussion is top down when so many of us have so much control over our lives now, thanks to the internet. We can set up our own businesses, take control of our own economies, publish our own opinions, etc. There is power in us uniting as citizens of the world online and changing the discussion. 

So, what if we go from the hopeful but distant idea of change in the future or the disempowering ghost of a remembered past and focus on now? What if we go from expecting politicians to change the world to changing it ourselves?

What if the viral phrase wasn't 'Make America Great Again' but 'Make The World Great NOW'? In fact, what if we all took personal responsibility and changed the only person anyone can ever change, in the only moment any of us can ever change them: ourselves. Now. 

Make Yourself Great NOW.  

OK, the idea of focusing on personal development, living in the now, and not being influenced by politicians isn't really groundbreaking. However, at this moment, it is somewhat irresponsible to ignore the news entirely. So the way to stay focused on your own stuff isn't to be willfully ignorant. Instead, stay informed but put your focus on how you can use what you learn, as you more clearly establish what you want and what you don't want, to make yourself more present and more intent on your own evolution. 

Make yourself great now. Inspire others to find their own greatness. Let's all evolve together, and raise the tone of the conversation and the quality of the vibration for the good of all. 


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