5 Evergreen Niches, and 5 New Ones

5 evergreen niches and 5 new ones

The Riches Are in the Niches!

This expression works best if you pronounce 'niche' the way Americans do, rather than how it should be pronounced. The American pronunciation is 'nitch' like 'witch', but the English pronunciation is 'neesh', like 'quiche'. Whatever. The riches are in the niches, or the reeches are in the niches. Either way, the long-tail is the way to go when looking for focused marketing. 


Choose Your Niche

Some niches change little over time. Choosing such a niche gives you the benefit of both social proof and longevity. However, there's likely to be a lot of competition, and it's harder to make them seem exciting. 

Some niches are super hot. They're in the news. They're blowing up social media accounts. Fame is created overnight. However, they can go as fast as they came, and they often carry the stench of cringe once they've ceased to be the trend of the moment.


Evergreen Niches


Health and Wellness

  • From fitness enthusiasts to holistic wellness seekers, this perennial niche never fails to captivate audiences keen on leading healthy lives. 
  • Keep it fresh tip: Talk about current trends, and include recent success stories.
  • N.B. With both this and the next niche, be careful to read up on the legal requirements for disclaimers, etc. Don't make deceptive claims ever. 


Personal Finance

  • Money matters continue to reign supreme, making this niche a treasure trove for experts sharing financial wisdom and savvy strategies.
  • Keep it fresh tip: Draw comparisons between the past and today. How should Gen Z and Gen Alpha handle money differently than Boomers did?


Relationships and Dating

  • This age-old niche holds endless opportunities to provide guidance and inspire lovebirds on their romantic endeavours.
  • Keep it fresh tip: Include guidance on using dating apps, and either content that supports or challenges the PUA industry, and other current trends.



  • The desire for personal growth and self-discovery is timeless, making this niche a favourite for those in pursuit of their best selves.
  • Keep it fresh tip: Keep up to date on psychology and mindset research, and create content that either supports or challenges current theories. 


Lifestyle, DIY, Crafts and Home Décor

  • Creativity is a flame that never dims. In this niche, artisanal wonders and DIY enthusiasts find inspiration and practical know-how to beautify their lives.
  • Keep it fresh tip: Pick news stories and trends that show the importance of improving your environment. For instance, since 2020 there's been a greater focus on working from home, so your home environment is more important than ever. 


New and Emerging Niches


Sustainability and eco-conscious living

  • As the world's awareness of environmental issues grows, so does the demand for eco-friendly products, practices, and sustainable living tips. There's also a renaissance of the idea of 'getting rich and getting off the grid'.
  • Extend relevance tip: This is a pretty easy niche to extend relevance on, as there's always plenty of scope for talking about traditional methods, which are often better for both sustainability and eco-conscious living. Organic farming, reduce, reuse, recycle, etc. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • The realms of virtual and augmented reality are expanding at lightning speed, captivating audiences with immersive experiences and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Extend relevance tip: Remember humanity. Weave new tech into ancient human patterns. For instance, both Do Androids Dream of Electric Bees? and Robot Revolutionary do this. 

Digital Course Creation

  • As online business continues to flourish, the demand for expertise in digital marketing strategies is rising. This is particularly true since 2020. 
  • Extend relevance tip: Although this isn't a new space, it's growing exponentially right now. If you don't only create courses, but also teach people how to create courses, you can extend your relevance. But, don't just copy other people. Find your own specific niche. Click the orange button below if you want help with that.

Remote Work and Freelancing

  • The changing landscape of the workforce has given birth to a thriving niche centered around remote work, freelancing, and the pursuit of a flexible work-life balance.
  • Extend relevance tip: While helping people to 'escape the cubicle' has been key for many years, plenty of people are past that point now, due to the effects of lockdown. Thinking of remote working or working from home as the norm rather than a crayzee departure from the 9-5 tradition may speak to your niche in a more sustainable way, especially if they're in their 20s or younger. 

Mental Health and Wellness

  • In an era where mental well-being is gaining recognition as a vital aspect of overall health, this emerging niche offers opportunities to provide support and emotional well-being resources.
  • Extend relevance tip: Always remember to be mindful of legal rules in this niche, but promoting new ways to look at mindset and mindfulness can be very helpful during a period of time in which mental health care is often woefully underfunded. For instance, I teach Bee Management Theory™️  to help young men get emotional clarity, and improve issues related to ego and dependencies. However, I'm very careful to spell out that I'm not a therapist, and that they must seek therapy if they feel they have a Cluster B Disorder or other pathological behaviour. 


Armed with knowledge and a spirit of adventure, you can embark on your entrepreneurial quest with confidence and determination.

Remember, success lies not only in the choice of your niche but also in your passion, expertise, and dedication. So choose wisely, my friends, and conquer the digital frontier.


Rebecca Bardess


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