Money Motivation Makes You Poor. PURPOSE Makes You Rich. Here's The Science...

First, watch this video...

Weird right? But doesn't it make sense when you think of people who make a lot of money and then fall apart? Unless the financial reward is linked to the person's purpose, the carrot is just not exciting to the bunny. Makes sense. If you're a task rabbit, and you need the carrots worse than bad, that IS your purpose, so you do whatever it takes to get the carrots. If you're a bunny with lots of carrots though... what's so interesting about carrots?

I've helped multiple millionaires and multi-millionaires to find meaning. This is why my elevator pitch for coaching has been:

"I help solo entrepreneurs and creatives to master their mindset, make more money, and live with greater meaning" for about 4 years now. 

Here are the main takeaways from the above video:


Our ability to control our own lives matters to us. We're not robots. We're human. We're here to evolve the species. We're here to act from our highest purpose.


We like to get better at stuff. We want to improve. We want to evolve. The idea behind my new book, The Birth of The Egon is that we seek evolution from the ego to the higher self. We understand we're not just robots in meat suits. We're more than that, and we're meant to evolve while we're here. We're meant to change the world. To do that, we must master ourselves and make a contribution to the whole that transcends limited ego needs. 


You have a divine purpose on the planet. (Atheists, you do too. Don't worry. I don't need you to convert to anything to follow this. Frame it differently. In place of 'divine purpose' put 'evolutionary purpose'. It all works out the same, regardless of how you view it, but you do need an ideological framework to test it, so this one may work best for you).

You have a 'purpose motive'. Unless you have meaning, you won't manifest anything of value. When the profit motive overwhelms the purpose motive bad decisions are made. You CAN create fast profits without purpose, but what you're doing won't succeed long term. If you have a purpose, you can win and fail and win over the journey, but you're ultimately going to win in the long term because you are evolving as a person on that journey, but you're also evolving those around you. Epigenetically, when you act from a position of ethical purpose so strong that it impacts emotionally on those around you, they cannot help but do the same... or leave. 

When you raise your vibration, those around you must either raise theirs too or shatter like glass.  - Rebecca Bardess 

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