How to Get Stick-to-it-iveness

Nine-tenths of the formula for success is persistence. The ability to stick things out.


Whatever skills you learn, and whatever qualifications you amass, you're lost without this. It is a fundamental principle to success in business or any creative endeavour. 

You may have been taught that slapping a grin on your face and thinking positive will win the day for you. It won't. Not alone. The flip side to that coin is honouring the struggle and joyfully rising again after you fall. 

It's Not About How Often You Fall, But How Often You Rise

You will fall. You will fail. Not just once. Often. The path towards your dreams is paved with grazed knees. The key is not to avoid falling. The key is to rise again each time you fall. That is progress. That is falling forward. Here's a song I wrote about that. 

When Have You Recovered Before?

If you lack confidence, think back to the last time you were able to stand up again when you fell. The context for this triumph does not matter. It may have been going back to work after messing up badly. It may have been speaking to someone in a civil manner after you fell out with them. Collect as many examples as you can. Remind yourself you can do this, because you've done it before. 

Dismiss the Haters and Naysayers

If you've surrounded yourself with people who tell you that your dreams are impossible, or that it's impossible for YOU to accomplish what you intend to accomplish, spend less time with them. Spend more time around people who believe in you and will tell you that, than you do with people who put you down or abandon you. 

Stop Being Your Worst Critic

Of course, if you are a naysayer for your own dreams... stop. Become a cheerleader for yourself. Ultimately, you're the person creating your life. It's your life. Own it. 

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