Crucial Distinction: Urgent or Important?

The alarm goes off.

You reach for your phone. 

You switch off the alarm.

Best check twitter, or IG or FB or webtalk...

You see something trending, or a viral thread.


You get pulled into a hall of mirrors, showing you every possible reading of the news event or disagreement about marketing, or whatever it is. 

You look at the time. 2 hours have passed. 

Was it really urgent? Was it important?


Something's urgent if it's time sensitive and significant. A news event that affects you directly is urgent. For instance, if your area goes into lockdown due to COVID-19, that's urgent. It's also important. 

A sale could also be urgent, but it isn't necessarily important. It only becomes both urgent AND important if you already know the thing or service is of value to you, and you're being offered a deal you can't refuse. 


Things are important if they're substantially significant to your purpose or life. Time with your family is important. Hitting particular goals in your business is important. Your health, and connection with God/your guiding philosophy are important. 

Most fights you see on social media between peers aren't important. Ditto most trending tops or clickbait. 

How to Choose What to Do

If something is both IMPORTANT and URGENT, put your focus there. 

If something is genuinely URGENT, such as a health emergency, it takes precedence.

If something is genuinely IMPORTANT, it needs to be scheduled or you'll keep putting it off in favour of things that seem urgent but are not. 


  • What seems urgent but isn't? How does it distract you?
  • What is truly important to you?

Let me know in the comments. 



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