The Secret to Success: Give it a Go. Then Keep Going

Yoda said: "Do or do not, there is no 'try'." I love that quote. I also don't believe it's as helpful as it could be. Yes, for some people, there's a breakthrough moment when they read it. They realise that sitting on the fence is hurting, and they must simply decide, one way or the other. Most people, however, are ruled by fear. For them, the idea of trying is appealing. It's not a major commitment. If it goes wrong, it's no big deal. However, actually committing to DO is terrifying. So, faced with this quote, they choose 'do not'. 

Give it a Go!

Here's my thought. Give it a go. If there's something you like the look of, but you don't know for sure that you'll succeed (spoiler alert: you never know for sure that you'll succeed), just give it a go. Maybe you'll do really well. Maybe not. Only one way to find out. Whatever happens, you'll learn. 

Keep Going!

Most people fail in business, as writers, etc. People throw this information about but they don't look at why that's the case. Often, it's simply that they quit. It isn't a coincidence that the very top of the mountain, where the small number of highly accomplished people stand, is full of those with dramatic tales of trauma and failure. Elon Musk's dad was a psychopath. Grant Cardone's dad died when he was a kid. JK Rowling was bankrupt, living on benefits (welfare) in a flat full of mess, while being rejected all over creation for her story of a boy wizard. Michael Jordan was rejected for his high school basketball team. Colonel Sanders lived in a car while trying to sell his chicken recipe to restaurants. Oprah was abused. So was Tony Robbins. Brendon Burchard grew up in a neighbourhood where every disagreement was resolved with fists, he then faced brain damage, bankruptcy, more brain damage... and so on, and so on. The people at the top are often the ones who refused to give up. 

Even the rich kids who got to where they got because of daddy's money... do you notice that they just won't freaking quit? You might really want them to, but they don't. Regardless of how a person reached the top, it is their unwillingness to quit that sustains their success. Most people quit. Just by not quitting, you stand a better chance of success. 

Whatever you fear to pursue, just give it a go and see if you actually like it. Then, if you like it, commit to keeping going. 


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