Be The Hero (Akira The Don Ft. Joe Rogan)

Be The Hero - featuring Joe Rogan


Over the next few months, I will share 'meaningwave' type music with you, and break down the meanings in these songs.

That means these blog posts will be article length, not the snappy little soundbite info that you scroll through daily.

For that reason, only people commited to growth will read and digest them.

Those with absolute focus on the highest levels of success will take notes.

The rest might just listen to the music. All good. But challenge yourself to be present for longer form content. Your brain is being destroyed by fast content.


Spend time with me here.

Listen to the music.

Read the posts.

Be here, now.

This is a chill academy, but it IS an academy. You're here to learn. Stay long enough to do so. 

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What is Meaningwave?

It's something that Akira The Don began in 2017 that combines music and personal/spiritual development.

Why am I interested in it? Because, the previous year, I had a similar idea.

I started by making some music of my own, and intended to use samples of other people's training in the way Akira later did, but I got caught up in worries about copyright, so I left it. But I've remained interested in that idea, and I think his music is great. I love to listen to it while I work. So I want to use that as the basis for a series of blog posts that explore the meaning side of it, while you listen to the music and get pumped up to overcome your mindset blocks. 

Here's some of my music, by the way. The first song is about the connection between people and divinity, both on a personal and collective level, and how that intersects with sexual energy. Give it a listen sometime if you like. But first, skip to the next part and lets share Akira's work.

Open Your Mind

Final bit of housekeeping: I'm non-partisan. Much of the content that he shares comes from people on the right. That doesn't mean I'm on the right. I am able to appreciate wisdom across the spectrum. I'm looking for a body of work that is more from the left to put into the blog too, so leave suggestions in the comments if you have any. That way, you don't have to subscribe to some publication on the opposite side of the fence than you. You can just dip into a taste of their best stuff here and set them against your own ideas to test them and challenge yourself. It's important if you want to be a person who owns your own mind to be able to do this.

Living in an echo chamber is fun for the ego, but I'd rather challenge myself a little more than that, and I urge you to do likewise.

If you're left of centre and these voices have been cancelled by you, suspend cancelation for a few minutes and find the good. Likewise, when I post left of centre content, if you're right of centre, challenge yourself. 

Don't just follow tradition for the sake of it. As a friend of mine on twitter pointed out recently... 

Tradition is nothing more than peer pressure from dead people

You have to be the hero of your own story.

To re-engage with life at the highest level, you must tell a story to yourself about who you're becoming, and to get behind the main character in that story.

We get behind heroes, so you must be the hero in your own story.

90% of it is just showing up. Get there and start working. You're not going to feel perfect every day. There have got to be days when you push through.

Your destiny doesn't give a crap about 'duvet days'. If you're hungover, or feeling sad, or just not feeling it, do it anyway.

We are built by our habits, not by our moments of motivation.

Commit to taking action daily to face your demons and pursue your dreams. The days you feel most 'meh' are the most important days to take action.

Write down what you want to fix about your life.

Force yourself to do it.

Commit your dreams, and the goals that lead to them, to paper. Writing them down cements them as firm commitments. Force yourself to take the steps to reach each goal. 

The brain is a General, the troops are the body.

Get up and do it. Then write it down.

You're doing what you do to get by but, ultimately, you don't have respect for yourself.

Respect yourself. Be the guy who never lies, always does the right thing, and helps others out. That's the ultimate hero.

Whomever you've been in the past, today is the day you change.

Today, you become your own hero.

You become the person who no longer lies, who does the right thing, however hard, and who helps others.

What are 3 small steps you can take now to move in that direction? 

  1. Overcome your fear, by commenting on this post with your truth about what you must overcome and what you plan to do about that.
  2. Overcome your selfishness, by sharing this post on twitter or some other network, so you can help others find this music and discussion. Open up to abundance. Success is not a zero sum game. Others can win too. Be heroic as someone who unites and connects the online community.
  3. Overcome your limited mindset by committing to take at least one action every day to push yourself further from your comfort zone. That is how you FEEL like the hero of your own story. Until you feel it, you won't believe it. Until you believe it, you won't see it. Seeing isn't believing: believing is seeing. 

When you look at every way you've messed up, you devalue yourself. You can't pretend you're the hero of your story if you're stuck in that pattern of calling yourself those things. Do not define yourself by who you've been. 

Who you are now you owe in part to who you have been in the past.

The mistakes you made have given you the drive to want to do better. Don't hate a ghost of yourself that no longer exists.

You're not who you were a year ago, or last week, or yesterday.

To paraphrase Brendon Burchard, when the sun set on yesterday, the you that belonged to yesterday was no more.

You are here, now, and you are who you are in this moment.

You can change all your tomorrows by releasing all your yesterdays.

In this moment, you can change

You can be the hero now, regardless of age. Say 'I'm not doing this any more. This is me now. I decided this is me.'

  • You are not your past
  • You're not all the times you fucked up and got drunk (or did drugs, or cheated, or looked at porn, or were rageful or lied, etc). That's not you. You are the person who's learned from a great deal of experience.
  • You'll fight this battle for the rest of your life. But the key is to fight every day. Every day you do this, you've won the battle for that day. You can do that. Win the battle today.  

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Let's all help each other this year. Let's fight our mindset battles. Let's raise each other higher. We can do that. So let's do that. 


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