Life Is Suffering ft. Jordan Peterson

Positive Vibes Only!

We've all seen Positive Vibes Only people. In some cases, it's that they've been through so much that they just cannot handle anything but positive vibes. If that's you, I'm sorry you've been through that. If you've done the work, and integrated your shadow self, do what works for you. 

Some people have lived as their shadow selves (a term Jung termed for the darker side of the personality) through addiction or aggression, and have so thoroughly explored it that they are ready to live fully in the brightest aspects of themselves. That is a hard path, and one few can walk. But, again, if you've done the work to integrate the parts of yourself, and you've got therapy to work through the deep trauma, have at it.

For everyone else, the work of integrating the shadow self is vital. No, you are not just the fluffy bunny. You are also the wolf/cougar/tiger. You are not just the bright and shiny light. You are also the shadow that is cast when that light shines upon you. Know thyself.

It is easy to find training on thinking positive thoughts, but less easy in the personal development space to find training on how to face your shadows and make peace with them. 

This song is a good place to start.

People have done terrible things to each other. So awful. You don't want to be someone like that.

You have one, unique, life. You don't want it to be full of destruction and pain. Why would you, when you are such a powerful manifestor, with so much potential? Well, life is tough, so your resentment of it makes sense.

You have reasons to be resentful.

Mortality is tough. Everyone you know will die, and so will you. And you won't know when it will happen. You don't know when illness or other misfortune will happen. That's difficult, so it isn't worth hating on yourself if you resent that. There are reasons for resentment. But, so? You must do better than just to feel sorry for yourself. 

Don't make it worse by acting out.

Nothing is so bad that you can't make it worse by being destructive or turning on others, or turning on yourself. Just accept that life is suffering, to some degree. People say that pain is compulsory but suffering is optional. In fact, if you look at religious texts, the greatest breakthroughs happen through suffering. 

Life is suffering. The religious people have always said this.

Jesus SUFFERED on the cross. Through that suffering, Christians believe that humanity was saved. Overcoming death was achieved.

Suffering is key to Buddhism. The cycle of samsara is the cycle of suffering, over and over. Accepting suffering is key to it. Through this, enlightenment (overcoming death) is achieved.

If you're trying to avoid the suffering, you're extending the process. You cannot escape it. You can postpone it. Ignorance and chasing what feels good in the moment will postpone it. You can even dress that up as spirituality. It isn't. It's hedonism. Or nihilism. No. Go into it. Then transcend it. If you need help with this deep work, hit me up in the DMs on twitter (opens in new window).

What are you going to do about it?

So, there is suffering in life. You can't just focus on the sadness and pain of that. You must use it for transformation. You must minimise its negative impact on you. Become an alchemist who can turn ANY EVENT to your advantage, or to the advantage of those around you, or to the world as a whole. As Napoleon Hill said, ask yourself: "How is this an asset for my benefit?"

Get yourself together so you can stand up solidly, so people can rely on you.

Don't be a victim. Of course you are one, but put yourself together. Polish yourself up.

Then improve your environment.

Improve your family.

Improve your circle of influence.

This brings us back to the last post: Be The Hero (Akira The Don, Ft. Joe Rogan). You need to become your own hero, to be a hero to anyone else. How you do that is in that post. Go to it when you've finished here. By the way, leave comments here and there. Personally, I find that heroic. It shows that you are engaging with what you learn, and it gives energy back to where you received it. If you understand Law of Attraction principles, you'll understand the importance of that if you plan to manifest anything good in your life. The tide flows both ways. Interrupting that flow of abundance FROM you interrupts the flow TO you. Heroes will understand. 

Live as your heroic self today. 


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