Avoid Burnout With Forced Resets

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Avoid Burnout With Forced Resets

Burnout is inevitable if you fail to rest and reset. 

When you're in permanent hustle mode, the hours and weeks and years blur together.

You MUST force yourself to hit the reset button multiple times, or you won't be able to go the distance required for longevity.

Don't worry, this isn't a GrEaT rEsEt conspiracy or anything. You are the one forcing the reset on you. It's about taking back control by setting boundaries with yourself. Sometimes, we must force ourselves to do healthy habits.

For the freedom of being your own boss to be real freedom, it's on you to set healthy limits on freedom. Otherwise, nothing gets done, and true freedom is never achieved. 


Ways to force a reset:

  1. Release, using RMT: Release meditation technique. 
    Repeat the word release for 15-20 minutes. Release the thoughts in your head, and release the tension in your body. Do it around midway through the day. 

  2. Zoom stroll. 
    If you've done a bunch of zoom calls, go for a walk. Get away from the screen. Reset your energy between calls. Focus on each step. Take deep breaths. Focus on grounding yourself to the energy of the Earth. Reconnect with your wild self. You're not an android. 

  3.  Before doing any recordings, force a reset. 
    This is important before client calls too. 

    - Stand.
    - Bounce in place.
    - Take 10 deep breaths.
    - Do some exercise or vocal warmups if you feel the need.
    - Set the intention for the energy and message you wish to bring to the recording or call.

  4. Before you enter your home, or connecting with loved ones after work, connect with mind, body and spirit. Set your intention. 

    - Close your eyes.
    - Do a release meditation.
    - Let go of the day.
    - Imagine stepping into a different energy that is of your home life.
    - Set the intention to show up in this way.

    This is particularly important if you work from home. 

Remember, there is nothing wrong with hustle, per se. It is perpetual hustle that's the problem. I created a system, years ago, called the Hustle and Glide. It got me on the front cover of an industry magazine. So, I'm not hating on the hustle. I just agree with Brendon Burchard, whose training inspired this post, that you must force yourself to reset at the end of each block of hustle, so you can segue in the best possible way into the glide. 

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Keep believing in yourself, whatever life throws at you.

I believe in you.


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