How To Escape From The Cubicle

When you came into this world, all shiny and new, and people proclaimed about the miracle of your creation, do you truly believe that your existence on this planet was destined to be living in a cage 9-5, hitting buttons for treats like a lab rat?

I don't think so. If you haven't watched Office Space yet, please do. It will explain everything that's wrong with cubicle life. If you have, the likelihood is that you too obsess over the photocopier or stapler, or want to trip over the annoying person who tells you off for having 'a case of the Mondays'. 

So, how do you break free and escape the cubicle? Here are some tips:

  1. Work out how much it matters that you do. Are you still at the 'I could do a little side hustle for a couple of hours a week and eventually move out of this cubicle' stage, or have you progressed to the 'I don't care what it takes. I will borrow money, sell my car, and go without shoes to leave this low paying soul-sucking dump' stage? If the latter, congratulations. You have a way higher chance of success because you MUST succeed. That kind of drive is what makes millionaires.
  2. How much do you want to make? While that kind of drive makes millionaires, that doesn't mean that you must be one. If you'd be happy earning what a decent lawyer makes in a year, and spending more time with your family, that's totally fine. If you'd even be cool with earning what you earned in the cubicle, but having more flexibility, right on! No right answer here. Your life is your life. Decide how you want that life to look.
  3. Hire a coach. It is crucial to do this. I don't know of anyone who really knocked it out of the park with anything without a coach. Actually, even that metaphor doesn't work without a coach. Sports people at the tops of their games have coaches. There is no point at which they think: 'I am now the greatest of all time and coaches can't teach me squat'. They work even more closely with coaches the more successful they are. Fact. Including LeBronspeare
  4. Take MASSIVE action. Even if you hire a coach, unless you take massive action you're wasting everyone's time. The clients of mine who've had the best results (the 'broke to millionaire in 18 months' type results) have all been massive action takers and ridiculously coachable. That's what it takes to break through in anything. Put aside your ego, know when to get coached, then reach for your dreams with an intensity you've never put into anything before. Surprise yourself with your commitment and drive, and you'll be out of that cubicle/delivery van/corner office and into your own entrepreneurial dream come true within 90 days to a year.

The Cubicle - by Rebecca Bardess

A man survives from 9 to 5.
Locked in a cubicle.
Barely alive.
He sits in the cage of the modern age,
Barely concealing claws of rage.

Thinking of freedom he had as a child:
Will he be let back into the wild?

He taps reports that nobody reads,
And parrots ‘buzz phrases’ that nobody needs.
The blandification of his oration
Leads to emotional alienation

Thinking of freedom he had as a child:
Will he be let back into the wild?

His body is sagging from underuse.
His mind is lagging from substance abuse,
Must squeeze from his brain the last drop of juice.
He tries to break free, but his bite is too loose.

Thinking of freedom he had as a child:
Will he be let back into the wild?

He’ll leave behind just dust and bones,
And mp3s, and mobile phones.
Thinking of freedom he had as a child:
Will he be let back into the wild?

Endless unpaid overtime,
Overlooked and undermined.

Thinking of freedom he had as a child:
Will he be let back into the wild?

Overstressed and underpaid.
Visions lost, and love delayed.

Thinking of freedom he had as a child:
Will he be let back into the wild?

There’s no cage to keep him here.
The bars are made of loss and fear.
Thinking of freedom he had as a child,
He tips over the desk, and steps into the wild.

© 2015-2018 Rebecca Bardess


You rock! Keep rocking.


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