If You Wait Until You're Ready, You'll Never Grow

Growing involves, well, growing. Seems obvious, right? For many people, though, it is not. They believe they can stay comfortable and move forward when they 'are ready'. The thing is that you're never ready to grow because the stage you're at and the stage you seek are different stages. To move to the next stage requires growing into something you've never been before, which means starting the process of growing while it's uncomfortable and feels weird.

Want to Stay Back a Year... Again?

Think about it. When you were a kid, did your teacher wait until you felt comfortable to move to the next year before you moved up? No. The time came, and you moved up whether you were ready or not. As an adult, how many years have you spent in the grade you're currently in? Ouch! If you have kids, how does it feel to know that your kids are consistently making progress out of their comfort zones, while you are not? 

What's Hidden Inside Your Little Version of Self?

Think of an apple seed. It believes it's a seed. It's all snug and neat. It has a smooth outside. It's protected from bad things. To grow, it must break wide open. It must open its vulnerable insides right up. It must allow the possibility of germs or frost or whatever to hurt it more than would be the case if it stayed a seed. But, until it does that, it cannot become a tree. 

There is nothing about an apple seed that would lead you to believe there is a bloody great tree in it, but there is. The seed contains the imagination and the program needed to manifest that tree. 

However, the seed can't turn itself into a tree just by wishing it. First, it needs light and heat. It needs water. It needs soil. There are other elements with which it must collaborate to become that tree. It can't 'lone wolf' becoming a tree. Nature doesn't work that way. Neither does humanity. We must open ourselves up to collaboration if we wish to grow. And... we must commit to growing before we are ready to grow. The tree requires a different level of commitment from us than the seed did. It requires us to break open and have faith we will put down solid roots, and reach into a limitless sky. 


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