Treat People With Humanity... Even The 'Jerks'

You have your dream.

You draft out your strategy.

You get some tactics.

You blend some green stuff

Hashtag 'blessed'

And then you see the trending topics.

And all the motivational quotes fall letter by letter from your screen.

Hashtag 'thoughtsandprayers'
Hashtag 'guncontrol'
Hashtag 'terrorism'
Hashtag 'whatisthepoint'

What's the point of following your dreams in the middle of a world full of waking nightmares?

What's the point of posting cute pics of your cat, or motivational quotes that tell people their happiness is an inside job.... when outside events can destroy so much of what you love?

That IS the point.

You get to create.

You get to bring life to the world...

And hope...

And joy...

Because of you, someone hasn't given up.

Because of you, someone calmed down and didn't shout at their spouse.

Because of you, someone didn't scream at their kid.

Because of you, that kid felt safe enough to express himself.

Because of you, his mother heard the words that showed something was wrong.

Because of you, he got the help he needed.

Because of you, next year, on one day when he loses his temper, he won't reach for a gun. He'll reach for a motivational book. He'll reach for a phone. He'll reach for his highest self.

Because of you, next year, on one day when he loses his temper, we won't type the hashtag 'thoughtsandprayers'.

What you are doing matters. Do it.


P.S. If you struggle with the idea of treating 'jerks' with humanity, this might help.

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