Heaven And Hell Are Here, Now.

Are You In Heaven Or Hell?

In 2017, I took four months to travel in contemplation of the idea that Heaven and Hell may be places we occupy while alive, and to find the missing pieces of my understanding of the energies of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. 

I cannot explain fully why this was so important to me, and I didn't travel anywhere particularly spectacular to do this work. I stayed in hotels, motels, and apartments. I didn't plan the physical journey. I went where I felt I was called to go. 

This took me to churches and henges. It took me to streets full of homeless people, whom I fed. It took me to the middle of the countryside, and the middle of cities. It took me to a spiritual healing church where people laid hands on me.

It was a pretty eccentric journey, full of random coincidences, and endless butterflies. I was surrounded by butterflies constantly. They landed on my car when I parked. Rare butterflies like Painted Ladies and Red Admirals crossed my path. Even when it was too late in the year for butterflies, there were still butterflies. 

Personal Revelations

The time I spent in prayer and meditation during those four months, when I followed the spiritual inspirations I received to go to specific places, speak to specific people, and read specific books, set me on a path that revealed new levels of spiritual understanding for me.

These became more intense when I nearly died of COVID-19 in February 2020. I discuss this in more depth with those who raise their hands to learn this kind of thing (the members of Indiepreneur Academy Membership) so I won't go into too many details here, but I think the following video may be helpful if you're looking at a way to understand Heaven and Hell that makes more sense of your day to day experience of life.   

Whatever spiritual path you're on, or even if you don't think spirituality is for you, I hope this helps to clarify some points that may have confused you about The Bible and the purpose of Christ within it. 

The Manuscript I Translated

In a church somewhere, I wish I could remember where it was in England, I found a manuscript under glass that nobody had translated. It was Medieval. Hundreds of years old. I translated it. The basic points it made resonate with the video above. It said:

  • If God is Good, Truth, and Love then God literally IS those things. Where you find those things, you will find God and Heaven, and will be connected with God. 
  • This means that the opposites: Evil, Lies, and Hatred ARE God's opposite. Where you find those things, you will be DISCONNECTED from God and Heaven. You will be in Hell.
  • Heaven is connection with God. Hell is disconnection from God.

As I grew in understanding after that, I saw that addiction, envy, racism, sexism, etc, etc were things that disconnected people from the Divine aspect within each other. They stop us from seeing other people as also made in the image of God. And addiction is a form of idolatry, where we place a substance (drugs, alcohol, etc) or image (porn), or sensation (lust, greed, megalomania) above God, and we surrender our will to it.

Hell Is Disconnection

Much of what I experienced with this understanding revealed to me that people ultimately live in Hell when they do that. It is the hell of disconnection. And in surrendering the freewill with which your Creator blesses you to a substance or image or sensation, you are surrendering it to that which is the opposite of The Creator. You know the guy. Let's just call him The Destroyer. 

While The Creator creates all things. The Destroyer need not create anything but disconnection to accomplish his aim. Because, for his domain to win, all that is necessary is for you to be shut out of Heaven. This is why he can be subtle, and only needs to tempt you off your path. 

Do not fall into the traps of addiction and disconnection. Continue to grapple with your conscience. Continue to stay connected to your Creator. You are one of His great creations, after all.

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