What is Money Twitter?

Money Twitter Definition

Money Twitter is a corner of Twitter where indiepreneurs (solo entrepreneurs, and others with an independent, entrepreneurial mindset) meet and trade. 

People often ask what Money Twitter is, so bookmark this or throw the link into your notes so you don't spend your whole life explaining it. 


As with anywhere online, that's largely shaped by who you follow. However, there is a dominant culture on Money Twitter and it's male focused. That may be an understatement. Few of the large accounts there are run by women, and the atmosphere is frequently pretty intimidating or even unsafe for women. I've received everything from threats for suggesting women are sexual beings who actually enjoy sex (we are and we do) to d*** pics. I'm leading with the bad stuff, because there is SO much good stuff, but if being treated with respect as a woman or as any person who doesn't live in a gym is a non-negotiable for you, this isn't going to be your place. 

Key Points

Here are some of the key points of Money Twitter culture:

  • 'Alpha male' posts that put down 'betas' and call men who don't do x number of things (usually spelled out in a thread) 'simps'. 
  • Posts saying that all women must be dominated by alpha males for the purposes of generating children. Yep. Money Twitter has the kind of respect for women that is below what I read when translating medieval manuscripts. It's rather interesting to study. Quite bizarre. There are also women there who echo this mentality and aggressively promote the idea that women having any rights is an abomination. It's so odd that I can't even.
  • Uplifting 'positive vibes only' and 'platitude' content.
  • Accounts focused on trashing positive vibes only, and platitude content.
  • Accounts focused on trashing those who trash positive vibes only, and platitude content.
  • Memes and clichés. The memeing is plentiful and, in many cases, pretty fun. Here are some of the memes that litter the halls of MT right now:
    • Cold showers
    • Unpopular opinions
    • Eggs
    • Coffee
    • Weights
    • Nobody's talking about this
    • Defund [something]
    • Normalize [something]
    • The real pandemic is [something]
    • Only [group] wear masks posts
    • Few will understand (often just 'few')
    • Built different
    • What did I miss?
    • 9 left
    • You hate to see it
    • Platitudes
    • Statue accounts
    • Anonymous accounts
    • Chillwave
    • American Psycho pics and gifs
    • Art that shows naked women
    • The closing of accounts for showing art of naked women
    • Narwhals*

There are many more. Feel free to drop them in the comments. 

  •  Vast numbers of deeply philosophical, intelligent, and inspiring posts about the realities of building a business while remaining authentic. These are worth staying for. Trust me on this. If you stay long enough, two things are true: you WILL be offended, and you WILL be inspired. Case in point, one of mine in which people joined in, shared results, and lifted up the community...

Link to the post (opens in new window)

First Steps

If I haven't completely put you off (I think TikTok should be called TikToxic, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be there too. Just giving you the whole picture.)

  1. Set up a twitter account
  2. Decide whether you want it to be an authentic depiction of you, or an anonymous account. If you're going for an anonymous account, you'll need to theme it and get clear about what you want your persona to be.
  3. Follow me, and look at the lists I share of people who are doing great things in the space. That will save you from dealing with some of the less salubrious characters who lurk in the shadows of Angry Man Money Twitter. If you decide to fraternise with them eventually, that's on you. You many need security. Take a narwhal with you*. 
  4. Bring a ton of value. Then find something to promote. It's generally a good idea to start with affiliate sales. This course is a very easy guide as to how to do that, and it's a bargain: Checkmate Affiliate Marketing At the time of posting, you can get this $50 course for only $20 if you use the code weekend.

I live in a state of perpetual optimism that the male leaders in Money Twitter will start to alter this culture so it's less damaging to women, the way those guys who were in Google Plus when it first started did when they realised how few women were there. So far... not really happening. Fortunately, I'm blessed to be followed by many newer accounts owned by guys who aspire to a far more kingly manner. As their accounts grow, I'm hopeful that Money Twitter will become a powerful force for good, regardless of a person's gender. 

Stay inspired!



Founder: Indiepreneur Academy

*I don't care if narwhals are only a thing to me. I will never stop trying to make narwhals happen. 

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