Reality Just Changed. Scientists Just Discovered You Have a New Organ. What Could YOU Discover?

You think you understand reality, but you don't. 

You're awake right now, as far as you know, and you're reading these words, and you understand how the world works. Do you? 

Your New Organs

Did you realise, for instance, that you have an organ in your body that is huge but that medical science had no idea existed until just now? It's true, and it has massive implications for health. Here's the science

Let's not forget that female sexual organs were completely misunderstood until 2009! Let that sink in for a second. Without going too 'NSFW' here, the clitoris is anything but tiny. It's freaking massive. Bear in mind, also, that it's the only organ created purely for pleasure, with no function for reproductive purposes. Just throwing that in there for anyone still stuck in the dark ages about a woman's right to enjoy sex. Anyway, if you want to get clued up on that, there's a pic here that explains all and won't get you fired if your boss sees you looking at it. You're welcome. Safe for work pic

If You Didn't Know This, What Else Don't You Know?

A brilliant ancestor of mine put it best, I think, when he said:

 “What is now proved was once only imagined.” ~ William Blake

Don't be too quick to dismiss theory. Even seemingly 'crazy' theory may simply be genius not yet proved by science. 

Don't Get COOKED!

In the process of maturing, there is a mind virus that kicks in and limits our growth. This virus is an obsession with order and stability. It is a desire to be fully 'cooked'. It can happen early. I remember watching people around me at university, dropping like cultural canaries to this disorder. It freaked me out, because I was older than them. I went to uni' when I was 22. Most of my fellow students went there straight from college. I watched as their uniqueness withered. One day they were vibrant 20-year-olds, exploring the possibilities of a world unexplored. The next, they sought conformity. It happened in a heartbeat. I saw their originality die in their young bodies, as they decided how the raw ingredients that made up their personal genius should be forever cooked into a dish the world would celebrate. 

I chose not to get cooked. I chose something else

Be Inconvenient. Be Unconventional. Be.

Stephen Hawking decided not to embraced being cooked into the common mind virus of being 'the ill person'. He chose, instead, to be one of the greatest minds the world has ever seen. 

He's not alone.

Imagine if your father was the kind of 'terrible human being' who could have a baby with his own stepdaughter. Would that blight your future? Would you hide away from the world in fear of what people would say when they found out about your family secrets? Would it hold you back that: “My dad will have a carefully thought-out plan of evil… He will plan evil.” Would you do that? Elon Musk didn't. 

It's Just Who I am

There are two kinds of mindset. One is a fixed mindset. The other is a growth mindset. The fixed mindset is cooked. The growth mindset is raw and real and open. 

Which do you have?

Listen to the words that fall from your mouth. Signs you have a fixed mindset:

"This is just who I am."

"I'm not changing for anyone or anything. I've always been this way and I always will."

"The kids today know nothing. In my day..."


You do not have a monopoly on the experience of life just because you've clocked up a certain number of spins around the sun. Wisdom comes from experience, but inspiration can strike at any time. Bear in mind that just existing in no way equates to wisdom, if your grapes are off. 

I See Grapeness In You!

People compare the maturation process of humans to fine wine. I have no problem with that in theory, but I object to its general application. In general, people say this in such a  way as to imply we all mature into fine wine simply by hanging around in our bottles long enough to clock up the years. Utter nonsense.

Imagine a grapevine. These grapes are intended for wine. What happens if you pick the grapes before they've fully matured, or if they're rotten? Bad wine. You need to let them continue to develop until they are ready to be picked and pressed, and you need to pick the right grapes. If you have a bunch of bad grapes, nothing you do will morph them into good grapes. Ditch them and wait for new ones to grow. 

How this relates to mindset is that if you start out as a grapevine of fine grapes, the moment your genius is pressed will be sweet even if it's early. Great grapes make great grape juice. But, maturation is always necessary for wine of any quality. So, exceptional inspiration and knowledge can come out of us at a very young age, but we need to go through some stuff before it's truly wisdom. 

However, if the fruits of your mindset are bitter at a young age, no amount of wishing will allow them to mature into fine anything. You'll get vinegar, if you're lucky, but that's it. 

Always work on the improvement of the patch of land in which you plant your mind fruits. Always check to see whether or not the grapes from which you hope to draw fine wine are actually decent. If they're not, ditch them and start again.

Pick the fruits of your genius when they're ready to be picked, and press them hard enough to squeeze every drop of knowledge from them, then test them in the cellar of maturation.

When you dust those bottles off, you'll have Champagne, and when you uncork Champagne Genius it cuts through the air at high speed, effervescing new ideas into the cosmos with such paradigm-shattering energy that life is never the same again. 

Dream it. Be it. 

Don't dream the dream they told you to dream. Wake up. Live the life you choose to craft. Make it real. Make it vibrant. Evolve. Bring the best of yourself to it. Throughout, keep your essential core genius. Grow in maturity and wisdom but keep tending the grapevine of your inspiration with new energy.  

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