Freedom Friday - July: Power-Up Playbook, Clarity System, & Powerful Leadership Coaching Program FREE!

This month's Freedom Friday is a little different. For one thing, I didn't post about it on the blog on the first Friday of the month due in part to the fact that I got SWAMPED when I posted it on social media. Lol. However, I now have some spaces left to coach you peeps for free with this offer, so it's time to put it on the blog. The second way it's different is that it's not just free for 24 hours. It's free for the whole month, on a couple of conditions:

  • While stocks last (i.e. my time. First come, first served. If you miss out on me, I'll set you up with a coach I've trained, so get in early if you want to work with me).
  • You need to read the first 7 pages of the workbook before our first call. If you can't read 7 pages, you don't have what it takes to be an indiepreneur.
  • You get one free coaching call where you're not obliged to buy anything, and I bear the cost. After that, if you DO decide to invest in tools or training with me, you unlock another two free coaching calls!

Not sure how long I'm keeping this free because it's worth a freaking fortune, but it's free to you through July. Here's how the value breaks down:

I made you an interactive ebook ($37 value) and clarity system into which I threw 3 coaching sessions ($585 value with me or $292+ with one of my qualified coaches) AND I put in a coach TRAINING program with qualification system, certificate AND unlimited ebooks and systems for YOU to do this (easily $3,997+ value). So that's up to $4,619 value.

Today... you get this for zero beans!

Not one.

BUT... my own time is limited. So if you want the $585 coaching rather than the $292 coaching, it's first come, first served as I said above.

Do NOT waste my time with this. If you're just grabbing this because it's free and you want to chat with me, this isn't for you. If, however, you know I can help you and you're prepared to turn up, on time, for three coaching sessions and DO THE WORK, then you won't find a better offer on the internet. If you snooze, you lose, because people are saving up to work with me right now and they will POUNCE on this.

Here's your Power-Up Playbook. Leave a comment below when you get it. People often reply to my blog on FB for some reason. That doesn't do anything for the community here, so please - even if you do comment on FB - comment here. 

You rock!


 P.S. If you decide after going through this that YOU want to be a Powerful Leadership Coach too, I also have a free course for you at that point. It includes graded assessments, and a certificate when you pass. MASSIVE for brand influence and to further your career as an indiepreneur.

Learn The Emotion Control System For Young Men That You Can Use in 5 Mins A Day To Stay Calm and Focused. 

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