You're Not Selling Info: You're Selling Presence.


 How I'm not charging for access to this is beyond me. This is basically a webinar, so grab some snacks and ban your kids/pups/clowns/unicorns from the room for an hour and take a bunch of notes. This is one of the best bits of training I've ever made available for free. I may not leave it free for long, so share it around, because it's PURE FREAKING GOLD!

In it, you'll learn:

  • How to bring your higher self into your business
  • What to do about privacy concerns online
  • How to create peace on the planet (seriously. Stay on until the end for this.)
  • The nature of coaching, and how to be a kickass coach
  • Things you must ask yourself when choosing a coach
  • How to be able to coach both beginners and celebrities (it is HARD. You have to be committed to taking MASSIVE action on self-development to pull this one off)
  • And much, much more

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If you're looking for a coach, or just want to know more about who I am, and what the media, celebrities, and clients of mine have said about me go here. If you hit the strawberry pink banner at the top of the page when you arrive you could win some free coaching. 

Thanks for continuing the spirit of generosity by giving of yourself because I gave of myself. This is how The Universe works. Flow with it. If you're not flowing with it, you're blocking all kinds of cool stuff, including money. If you want more info on that, see the interview I did with Ray Higdon on this subject

You're amazing! 


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