The Sky Is Not The Limit. The Sky Is Limitless

  1. Old expressions keep us trapped.
  2. What is the truth? The sky is limitless. How does this affect your dreams?
  3. What limits are you putting on yourself?
  4. How are they serving you?
  5. How can you overcome them, and should you?


Old expressions keep us trapped

People say the sky's the limit when they're trying to urge you to go for your dreams. You can take this thing to the sky. There is no limit until then. However, the expression is limited. Since we came up with it, we've travelled to the moon and beyond. 


What is the truth? The sky is limitless. How does this affect your dreams?

The truth is that the sky is not the limit, because the sky is limitless. Space goes on forever, and it's expanding. If you were physically able to head towards the sky and just kept going, you'd never stop. 

What does this do to your dreams?

For one thing, it shows you that you don't need to put a cap on your dreams. There is no destination called 'sky' on which you can plant a flag. This means that you'll never know when you arrive. You don't need to put limits on your goals, but it may be wise to set up some landmarks. On a trip into the skies, these might be planets. On your journey through life, they could be points on the journey where you celebrate wins. 

Another thing about the sky being limitless is that you will keep travelling forever unless you choose not to do so. That means you need to know you're on the right path for you. Forever is a long time. Obviously, you can take detours along the way, but if you want to fly as high as you can you'll need to commit to a flightpath eventually. 


What limits are you putting on yourself?

Are you limiting your progress because you secretly already know the sky is limitless? Does it alarm you that you could be truly great rather than just good enough?

What would it mean if you released the limits and flew into the unknown?

It can be easier to place limits on scary things. Tame them. Make them safe. But, life isn't safe. None of us gets out alive. Hearts get broken. Mistakes are made. Goals are not reached. Disappointment is a real part of the human condition. What if you went for it and failed? 

Well, then you'd need to deal with failure. And you would. It would make you stronger, and more focused on the right path. Maybe you'd course correct. Maybe you'd just get up and fly again, in the direction you'd already committed to fly. Failure isn't death. It's just ego pain. 


How are they serving you?

How are your self-imposed limitations serving you? Are you staying in a job that's ho-hum just because it offers security? Are you in a relationship with someone who's basically just a friend, because it's comfortable not to deal with the sparks that come from being with someone about whom you feel actual passion? Are you settling for the copy and paste existence of following the blueprint your parents set?

If any of the above is true, you're being served by your limitations. You're comfortable. For what Brendon Burchard calls a 'charged' life, you need to abandon comfort and go into the raw experience of challenge. It's fine to be comfortable, but you'll shift no paradigms. Dare to live nearer to the edge, and you'll grow. You'll discover. You'll hurt, but you'll have a full encounter with the experience of life. That's why you're here.


How can you overcome them, and should you?

If you want to move beyond the mundane, you can. However, just because you can doesn't mean you should. If you're happy being a lap cat, who am I to question that? But if you know you're made of something more powerfully forged, you need to unleash your wild self a little. FEEL your feelings. LIVE your life. WAKE UP! So many people sleepwalk through their existence. What a waste.

If you are ready to overcome your limitations, take some advice from Les Brown:

  1. Acknowledge that it's POSSIBLE.
  2. Understand that it's NECESSARY.
  3. Know that if you're going to do it, it's on YOU.
  4. Realise that it's HARD to change. It's hard to stick it out through the difficult times, but IT IS WORTH IT! 


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