Freedom Friday: 10 Quick Mindset and Success Habit Hacks

  1. Honour the struggle: bring the joy
  2. Sleep for at least 7 hours a night
  3. Meditate
  4. Write and read affirmations
  5. Send yourself cards
  6. Understand that you are mind, body and spirit
  7. Drink enough water
  8. Work in 50 min chunks
  9. Read or listen to books every day
  10. Invest in your own success

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Here's how Freedom Friday works:

  • On the first Friday of each month (and sometimes other Fridays too, if I'm feeling super-generous) I will release a mini-course on this blog to thank the loyal members of the Indiepreneur Academy Community (A.K.A. Kickass 'Clockerflies'). 
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Loyalty PAYS

Loyalty matters to me, so I incentivise the heck out of it. In a world of constant distractions and shiny objects, if you're loyal enough to me to pay attention I'll be loyal enough to you to pay money for that honour. So, here are the ways you can get paid for just being a decent human being and sharing good stuff.

  1. Show up regularly and you can cash in on free courses on Fridays - and some other days - that I post on this blog. Over the course of a year this adds up to thousands of pounds/dollars worth of epic training for which the only thing you've paid is attention
  2. Get on my list for special offers and access I only give to people who trust me enough to hand over their email. If you're cool enough to hand over your postal address too, don't be surprised if you get random cards or even gifts through the mail from me. I'm all about building REAL relationships with people. There's enough throwaway content out there. I'm in the relationship business not the data business
  3. Win prizes for commenting! Throughout the year, I'll be picking out commenters of note to give prizes to. Maybe you'll win some brownies. Maybe you'll win a course. Maybe you'll win free coaching. It's pretty much the easiest lottery to win, and it costs nothing. Again, all you're paying with is attention. Once a year, we'll have the Indiepreneur Academy Awards (A.K.A. The Clockerflies) where the very best members of the community over the year can win trophies and other goodies
  4. Become an Indiepreneur Academy Brand Ambassador If you believe in my vision and want to share Indiepreneur Academy with other people in your team/niche you can get paid for doing so. I am VERY picky about who I let into my affiliate (Brand Ambassador) program, so being a valuable commenter and customer obviously gets you fast-tracked. I don't charge for this program and I pay out decent commissions, so it matters to me that this matters to YOU, and that you understand my approach and mission

Here's the course!

Learn The Emotion Control System For Young Men That You Can Use in 5 Mins A Day To Stay Calm and Focused. 

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