Do You Have a 'To-Do' Life or a 'Ta-Da' Life?

Ever had a moment with your 'to-do' list where you realised that the little slacker was deliberately avoiding doing its job? 

I mean, isn't there a part of you that secretly thinks that the act of writing the things down alone should count for something? Isn't there a part of you that secretly thinks the to-do list should... well... do itself?

The To-Do List Won't Do Itself

It is quite an adulting moment when you finally realise that the to-do list won't do itself. And yet, you continue to write lists that never get completed. Maybe you set yourself 10 tasks for the day. You complete 2. The feeling of disappointment at the end of the day, when you write your 8 tasks for the following day, along with another 4 new ones is palpable. If you're not careful, life can become a series of to-do lists, sewn together by brief stitches of sleep.


"If you're not careful, life can become a series of to-do lists, sewn together by brief stitches of sleep." ~ Rebecca Bardess

Live With Intention

To-Do lists should not run your life. They are notes to yourself of tasks you need to do in order to reach loftier goals than ticking (checking if you're in America) words off a list. They don't control you. You control them. 

You are on this planet to live your own truth, sing your own song, follow your own path, and all kinds of "it's a cliché because it's TRUE" sentences of inspiration that all mean to be the you that only you can be. You're not here to live a to-do life. You're here to live a ta-da life!

Set up your life and goals so that you end the day thinking 'ta-daaaa!' and patting yourself on the back for a day well lived. I have a couple of things for you, that will help you with that. The first is my Gravitational Planning System, which will take you step by step through how to get INSPIRED by your goals again, and plan them out in a way that's WAY more inspiring than a to-do list. 

I've also made you a little infographic to help you go from 'to-do' to 'ta-da'. Feel free to save it. If you post it online, though, link back to this post or my twitter: @rebeccabardess


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