The Indiepreneur's Prayer

The Indiepreneur’s prayer

Divine Creator

Source of all I am and all I create

Bless all my interactions today

With others and with myself

Today I will do my best

For you

For others

And for myself

Always using my gifts

For the greatest good.

May prosperity flow to me

As prosperity flows from me

As I invest in myself

May others invest in me

As I honour my gifts

May others be inspired to honour their own

May thy will be done through me

May your divine loving kindness flow through me,

Awakening both the Divine Mother and Divine Father energies within me

So that I may awaken these energies in others.

Today, you will birth the New Earth through me

And help me to help others to birth it too

So that we may all co-create a better universe

For the greatest good.

In gratitude for all I have

And for the boundless abundance that is flowing towards me

I give thanks.

Help me to find the joy in my triumphs

Help me to find the lessons in my challenges

Help me to find your divine loving energy...

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The REAL Reason Writers Want Traditional Publishing Deals

I'm running a poll on Twitter at the moment. There are a few hours to go, but it's already pretty clear why people are still gagging for traditional publishing deals. It's always been this way. I'll post a vid below of my response to this mentality the best part of a decade ago. First, the poll. Ready?

Seriously?! Rather than break down all the reasons that 'to make lots of money' is not a valid reason, open my podcast on this subject (it opens in another window) and listen to it when you've finished with this blog post. 

The more important points are the winner and runner-up: "I don't like selling" and "to feel good about myself". I'll present the awards in reverse order...

To Feel Good About Myself

Relying on something outside of yourself to cause you to feel good about yourself is something psychologists call having an external locus of identity or power. If you are dependent on anyone's opinion but your own to feel good about yourself, you're in trouble. 

I speak...

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Should Writers Pursue Talent or Hype?


One from the vaults. The videos use my former name. I'm now Rebecca Bardess

Recently, I've stepped back into the author world on twitter, after focusing more on helping authors in the home and small business spaces over the last few years. I was quite shocked to find that very little has changed there since I was speaking about independent publishing, years ago. The video below is from a panel on which I sat with publishers and editors in 2011 or 2012 I believe. Can't remember. Anyhow, it was LONG ago. It's still relevant.  


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That Time I Interviewed Christina Aguilera's Mum, Shelly Kearns

In My Dot Com Days, I Started a Blog

Back before blogging had a name, I asked my tech team to give me a way to hack into my sites remotely, so I could put cool stuff there regularly and keep the sites 'sticky'. Sticky marketing was what we called attraction marketing WAY before attraction marketing existed. 

Once I had a blog, I didn't see why I shouldn't interview celebrities for it, so I did. I got my 20-something butt onto red carpets and into after-show parties. I made chums with actors and singers. Every now and then, I would interview someone who might have an intriguing 'behind the scenes' take that I wasn't seeing elsewhere. One of those interviews was with Christina Aguilera's mum, Shelly Kearns, with whom I then struck up a friendship over email for a couple of years. Here's the interview (typo's and all).

Step back two decades: Christina was a teen and her mum and I had a chat online...

Leafing through a Christina Aguilera interview in a glossy magazine the other day,...
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What Facebook and Instagram Fail Day Taught Us About Building Our Own Social Networks

Oh Noes! Facebook's Down! Instagram's Down!

A couple of days ago, both Facebook and Instagram disappeared for hours. Twitter and WebTalk became super buzzy and busy during that time. However, the discussion soon turned to what this means for your business if you're relying on social media to build your business.

Fortunately... I'd already considered this, so I wasn't affected. I am even building my own social networks right now. I've made a webinar for you that will take you through how to protect yourself from this in future, and also how to build your own social network. I'm running it a few times a day, but some of the software's on special offer for the next few days so I'd watch it now if I were you. The webinar's 40 mins.

Register for the webinar 


P.S. If you don't want to wait until the end of the webinar to get the goodies, here's the link you need for the special offer, including getting Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy for free!

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How to Be Your Own Support System

You Need a Support System

There are no 'self-made' millionaires. There are no 'self-made' anything. We all get support from others. You're reading this thanks to the fact that we were all helped by Tim Berners-Lee when he gave us the web, for instance. However, day to day, you need a support system that cheers you on and gives you hope. Maybe you don't have that. There are times for most of us when we really need a support system but we just don't have one. So, what should you do if you have nobody consistently supporting your dreams and struggles?

The first thing to do is to think of how to build a support system. If your family aren't on board with what you're doing, can you find a way to get them more engaged or is it best to keep business and family separate for you? If the latter, look for meetups in your area where you can spend time with others on the same journey as you. If you're in home or small business, you might want to go to networking events. If you're creative,...

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Does Your Coach Go This Far For You?


What Should A Coach Do For You?

Hiring a coach is a considered investment. It's not cheap, but if you hire a coach in an arena that could earn you money, any coach you hire should pay for themselves many times over if you follow their advice consistently. 

If you hire a 'Life Coach' or a 'Romance Coach' or 'Fitness Coach' or whatever, there is the potential for valuable change in your life, and the investment you make when hiring them reflects the value of this change. However, when you hire a Business Coach or someone to help you with creative exploits or influence that you plan to monetise, you get something extra. You get the potential to become more valuable yourself, and to get paid for that value. 

If you've hired a coach in the past, diligently followed their advice, worked with them for at least 90 days, and got no results whatever then you hired the wrong coach. Before you berate the coach, though, think for a second...

  • Did you really follow all their...
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What Being in a Coma Taught Me About Wholeminded Thinking

I'm a little weirdo. That's not an insult. I embrace my weirdness. Do you? I'm a freak. I'm a geek. I'm unique. Are you?

 And They All Type In Little Boxes, And They All Look Just The Same...

If you haven't heard 'Little Boxes', take a listen below. Then think for a second. What little boxes are you putting yourself into, and what are you typing into the little boxes online so that you look 'just the same' as everyone else?

When the Internet first appeared (and yes, I still use a capital 'I' because I was a Dot Com Pioneer and that's what we did. Deal with it. While we're at it, why do spelling correctors change twitter to Twitter, when it's always had a small 't'? Anyhow... I digress) one of the things we loved about it was the idea that we could now make our own rules. 

If you can ever find a Dot Com Pioneer (we're few and far between. Most of us buggered off after the Dot Com Crash, never to return. Some of us still walk among you. Like the dinosaurs of old that hang...

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Money Motivation Makes You Poor. PURPOSE Makes You Rich. Here's The Science...

First, watch this video...

Weird right? But doesn't it make sense when you think of people who make a lot of money and then fall apart? Unless the financial reward is linked to the person's purpose, the carrot is just not exciting to the bunny. Makes sense. If you're a task rabbit, and you need the carrots worse than bad, that IS your purpose, so you do whatever it takes to get the carrots. If you're a bunny with lots of carrots though... what's so interesting about carrots?

I've helped multiple millionaires and multi-millionaires to find meaning. This is why my elevator pitch for coaching has been:

"I help solo entrepreneurs and creatives to master their mindset, make more money, and live with greater meaning" for about 4 years now. 

Here are the main takeaways from the above video:


Our ability to control our own lives matters to us. We're not robots. We're human. We're here to evolve the species. We're here to act from our highest purpose.


We like to...

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What if the People You Love Don't See Your Vision?

Why Naysayers Suck More Than Haters

Whenever you try to level up in life, you get naysayers and haters. It's completely inevitable. In fact, I have a little saying I trot out from time to time:

Haters are the litmus test of awesome

It's true. So are naysayers. The moment that you start to state what you actually feel, people get uppity. The reason for this depends on whether they are haters or naysayers. Typically, haters are people who don't know you well or who see you as a competitor to be crushed. Naysayers are people you love, who won't jump on board with your vision. 

Haters are the litmus test of awesome because most of them are hating on you to get the attention on them. They jump up and down when they see you succeed because they're jealous. Technically, they're actually envious, but it feels like jealousy.

The way jealousy is different from envy is that envy is about wanting something someone else has, whereas jealousy is about being scared someone will take, or is...

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