The Rule Of Thirds: How to Stop People Pleasing

I found some notes from a FB live I watched a year or so ago. The headings that follow were inspired by it, but I have no idea whose broadcast it was, or what the content was aside from the heading ideas, so thank you whomever you are. 


A third of the people will love you no matter what you do

There are people who can love unconditionally. I'm one of them. I don't hate anyone, and provided that I can see you're making a genuine effort to improve I can forgive pretty much anyone pretty much anything. I mean... I might not choose to spend any time with you if you've been totally unreasonable, but the chances are that I'll forgive you. 

There are plenty of other people who are able to do the same. There is almost definitely someone in your life who will love you no matter what you do. If there isn't... get a dog. They will. 

In terms of business, a third of your market will love what you do regardless. They may not buy today, but they're opening your emails...

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The Realities of a Narcissist/Empath Relationship

There are two ways to handle life. The first is to compartmentalise everything. Work stays at work. Home stays at home. Logic and professionalism should never be polluted by emotion and creativity. That's our standard format in the Western world. It's also the standard format of patriarchy. It has its place. Work gets done. Things look good on the surface. Connection gets shelved. Suicide rates go up.

There is another way. It's messy. 

Work-Life Smoothie

You create a work-life smoothie. Things are mixed up. They aren't neatly separated into pretty boxes, all the same. Neither are people. And in the process of mixing it up comes the acknowledgement that we are ALL mixed up. Our truth is not shiny and Instagram-ready. We are broken, and it is our brokenness that allows us to re-invent and evolve. If we are fully fixed in place, with fixed mindsets and never changing ideologies, we can never grow. Sometimes, parts of our lives shatter, so that we can rebuild. 

That happened...

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The Secret to Success: Give it a Go. Then Keep Going

Yoda said: "Do or do not, there is no 'try'." I love that quote. I also don't believe it's as helpful as it could be. Yes, for some people, there's a breakthrough moment when they read it. They realise that sitting on the fence is hurting, and they must simply decide, one way or the other. Most people, however, are ruled by fear. For them, the idea of trying is appealing. It's not a major commitment. If it goes wrong, it's no big deal. However, actually committing to DO is terrifying. So, faced with this quote, they choose 'do not'. 

Give it a Go!

Here's my thought. Give it a go. If there's something you like the look of, but you don't know for sure that you'll succeed (spoiler alert: you never know for sure that you'll succeed), just give it a go. Maybe you'll do really well. Maybe not. Only one way to find out. Whatever happens, you'll learn. 

Keep Going!

Most people fail in business, as writers, etc. People throw this information about but they don't look at why...

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Don't Die With Your Music Still In You

Wayne Dyer said these words. He's no longer with us, but when he left the planet his music was all here for us. 

Will yours be?

How many years, or months, or weeks, or even days are you wasting while you wait to commit to your actual purpose on this planet?

You're here for a reason. You do not know how long you have to find that reason, learn how to share it, and then make an impact with it. No idea. And yet, are you sometimes arrogant enough to put it off to another day? Do you assume you'll be here forever?

I see so many people getting ready to get ready to share who they are with the world. That's a mistake. Discover who you are today. Right now. Commit to a path. Follow that path. Change lives. Sing the song that only you can sing, while you still have a voice.


P.S. If you need help with this, I can give you some free assistance here

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Is God A Cosmic Vegetable?

I had a dream last night. In the dream, my late brother appeared. I could hear laughter from a group of people nearby who were having a light-hearted conversation. It felt like a summer party where everyone knows everyone, and all are accepted. I'm an empath. I pick up subtexts and weird energy at parties. I can tell who's faking it. Who's secretly envious of someone or secretly doesn't like someone. None of that. Everyone was accepted and nobody had an agenda. It was pure joy. Except, the only person I knew was my bro. We walked into a garden, looking out across a field. The sky was beautiful. The sunset just starting. Blue, pink, a hint of orange. 

We stood and looked at it for a while without speaking. I thought about the divine masculine, but I didn't say anything. He said:

"You've been thinking about the nature of the divine masculine". I nodded. He smiled.

"Want to see Him?" he asked.

I thought: "I'm pretty sure you can't show me God" but I didn't say...

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You Are The Magic Formula

"Here's the secret to getting more leads"

"Here's the secret to closing more sales"

"Here's the secret to pulling in that hot lover"

No. There is no secret 'out there'. There are formulae. For instance, I have a blueprint on how to build a home business and pull in a team in Home Business Authority Blueprint, but unless you unlock your own personal magic, that step by step formula won't work for you. Neither will any other formula. 

The truth is that the secret is within you. YOU are the magic formula. 

I've had some amazing wins in business. For instance, I recently brought over 3,000 people into my downline in a home business in 90 days without paid traffic. Another time, I brought in 123 people in 36 hours. Again... without paid traffic. However, that kind of thing doesn't duplicate. And it can be frustrating to see other people doing similar things but not getting similar results. 

Then, I realised, they're not getting the results because they're blocked. 


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Why Are Millennials Failing At Life?

I recently saw a tweet that said that Millennials are failing at life. Bit harsh. And I don't agree. Millennials are failing at handling failure. This is happening because they haven't been taught to fail often and to see it as part of the process. However, there's more to the situation than just failing at failure. Simon Sinek has best summed up the main issues facing Millennials right now, and the video in which he does this (see below) is worth a watch, regardless of your generation.

Millennials are expected to outnumber Boomers for the first time this year. This makes the 'Millennial Question' everyone's problem. Whether you are a Millennial, or you're the parent or even grandparent of Millennials, you need to be able to answer this question. But what is the Millennial Question?

In the video below, Simon Sinek breaks it down. I will outline the main points following the video if you don't have time to watch the whole thing. Before you watch this or read the notes... if you are a...

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Is Ego The Enemy?


Wow. This is polarising. 

OK. The hivemind for many years has moved in the direction of ego being the enemy. I'm a big fan of the stoics and Eckhart Tolle. I get it. But... then something happened...

A being with more ego than all the Kardashians combined became President of the United States. 

Then another thing happened...

The ego of every citizen under his control rose up and waved its flag. Obviously, in a country as diverse as the United States of America, there were many flags. Obviously, a country with the cultural impact of America influences other countries. The rest of us got our ego flags out too. There we all were. Facing each other's egos. Shouting about how much more important our points of view were than anyone else's. Meanwhile, Trump was making this face...

Why is Donald making this face? Well... first, let's take a look at how likely it is that Mr Trump is at the personality disorder end of ego attachment. It's not really fair to pass judgment...

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Maybe You Don't Have What it Takes, and You Should Quit


They say that winners never quit and quitters never win. However, what if you've been trying to make money online for years and never had so much as a bite? Doesn't there come a point where you need to admit that being your own boss just isn't your thing? Maybe you're an employee, not an entrepreneur. If so, that's OK. If you're meant to be doing something else, quitting on the thing that doesn't work isn't quitting on yourself. It's quitting on delusion. 

However, maybe you shouldn't quit. Maybe you should finally put in the effort you should have devoted to your path all along.

If you're not sure whether you should quit or stick, listen to this audio training. Warning... there is some spicey language in here, as I got pretty passionate about the topic. However, if you can't handle that then you should disable your wifi because internetting is not for you. 

If you need help with anything I cover in this audio, get in touch.


P.S. My periscope is ...

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Comfort Zone? You Mean 'Imagination Limitation'

When you are urged to work on your strengths and incrementally improve your areas of genius, it sounds as if it makes sense. You're not confident writing? Don't write. You want to avoid messing up on social media? Don't use social media for business. Hate prospecting calls? Don't call anyone. Makes sense. Except when it doesn't. 

The beauty of working for yourself is that you CAN build your business around the things you most like to do, and the ways you most like to do them. However, sometimes it is necessary to do work you don't like so that you can get results that move you towards your big dream. Staying in your comfort zone simply won't work. 

In those situations, you need to ask yourself which wins: comfort or vision? If your vision is big enough, and your mission bold enough, you absolutely will not ever achieve it by remaining where you are.  

If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you've got. 

If you want something else, you...

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