You Are The Magic Formula

"Here's the secret to getting more leads"

"Here's the secret to closing more sales"

"Here's the secret to pulling in that hot lover"

No. There is no secret 'out there'. There are formulae. For instance, I have a blueprint on how to build a home business and pull in a team in Home Business Authority Blueprint, but unless you unlock your own personal magic, that step by step formula won't work for you. Neither will any other formula. 

The truth is that the secret is within you. YOU are the magic formula. 

I've had some amazing wins in business. For instance, I recently brought over 3,000 people into my downline in a home business in 90 days without paid traffic. Another time, I brought in 123 people in 36 hours. Again... without paid traffic. However, that kind of thing doesn't duplicate. And it can be frustrating to see other people doing similar things but not getting similar results. 

Then, I realised, they're not getting the results because they're blocked. 


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Why Are Millennials Failing At Life?

I recently saw a tweet that said that Millennials are failing at life. Bit harsh. And I don't agree. Millennials are failing at handling failure. This is happening because they haven't been taught to fail often and to see it as part of the process. However, there's more to the situation than just failing at failure. Simon Sinek has best summed up the main issues facing Millennials right now, and the video in which he does this (see below) is worth a watch, regardless of your generation.

Millennials are expected to outnumber Boomers for the first time this year. This makes the 'Millennial Question' everyone's problem. Whether you are a Millennial, or you're the parent or even grandparent of Millennials, you need to be able to answer this question. But what is the Millennial Question?

In the video below, Simon Sinek breaks it down. I will outline the main points following the video if you don't have time to watch the whole thing. Before you watch this or read the notes... if you are a...

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Is Ego The Enemy?


Wow. This is polarising. 

OK. The hivemind for many years has moved in the direction of ego being the enemy. I'm a big fan of the stoics and Eckhart Tolle. I get it. But... then something happened...

A being with more ego than all the Kardashians combined became President of the United States. 

Then another thing happened...

The ego of every citizen under his control rose up and waved its flag. Obviously, in a country as diverse as the United States of America, there were many flags. Obviously, a country with the cultural impact of America influences other countries. The rest of us got our ego flags out too. There we all were. Facing each other's egos. Shouting about how much more important our points of view were than anyone else's. Meanwhile, Trump was making this face...

Why is Donald making this face? Well... first, let's take a look at how likely it is that Mr Trump is at the personality disorder end of ego attachment. It's not really fair to pass judgment...

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Maybe You Don't Have What it Takes, and You Should Quit


They say that winners never quit and quitters never win. However, what if you've been trying to make money online for years and never had so much as a bite? Doesn't there come a point where you need to admit that being your own boss just isn't your thing? Maybe you're an employee, not an entrepreneur. If so, that's OK. If you're meant to be doing something else, quitting on the thing that doesn't work isn't quitting on yourself. It's quitting on delusion. 

However, maybe you shouldn't quit. Maybe you should finally put in the effort you should have devoted to your path all along.

If you're not sure whether you should quit or stick, listen to this audio training. Warning... there is some spicey language in here, as I got pretty passionate about the topic. However, if you can't handle that then you should disable your wifi because internetting is not for you. 

If you need help with anything I cover in this audio, get in touch.


P.S. My periscope is ...

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Comfort Zone? You Mean 'Imagination Limitation'

When you are urged to work on your strengths and incrementally improve your areas of genius, it sounds as if it makes sense. You're not confident writing? Don't write. You want to avoid messing up on social media? Don't use social media for business. Hate prospecting calls? Don't call anyone. Makes sense. Except when it doesn't. 

The beauty of working for yourself is that you CAN build your business around the things you most like to do, and the ways you most like to do them. However, sometimes it is necessary to do work you don't like so that you can get results that move you towards your big dream. Staying in your comfort zone simply won't work. 

In those situations, you need to ask yourself which wins: comfort or vision? If your vision is big enough, and your mission bold enough, you absolutely will not ever achieve it by remaining where you are.  

If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you've got. 

If you want something else, you...

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Are You an Alarm or the Dawn Chorus?

When there is something big to shout about, we shout. If there is imminent danger, we scream. If there's something good that turns up in our lives we turn up the volume and become the town crier. I recently found a new social network, for instance, and it rocked so hard that I became a total town crier. Oh-yay! Oh-yay! Oh-yay! Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! A new social media tavern has opened in ye olde webbe of ye worlde. However... in general... is that a good plan?

Short term it works. For instance, that network I mentioned has an affiliate deal attached, and doing my town crier bit built me a downline of 2,899 people in 7 weeks (it's 7 weeks today, actually). Didn't spend a bean on ads either. So, yes, it works. But, long-term you need more than just a bell and a fun hat (if you're not getting the town crier reference, I wrote a blog post on it). 

Alarm Bell

When your alarm bell first goes off, it wakes you up. If it's a new alarm/ring tone it wakes you up right away. Your...

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"The Hundreds": Ancient British Strategies for Online Marketing Domination

I basically live in Harry Potter world. The local town to me is well over a thousand years old, and despite having internet access, we still have a Town Crier who 'Oh-yays' important news in the High Street. Along with that is the ceremonial relic of an ancient system of justice and society, the posts of which remain. If you feel the need, you can run for the office of Ale Taster or whatever. Basically, a good excuse to nab free bevvies in the local pubs in the name of 'quality control' and tradition. 

Anyhoo... as I was contemplating the quirks and obscurities of life in ancient towns and villages in England, I realised that there's one little thing we used to do back in the day that's absolutely bang up to date when it comes to building online tribes. Here's the scoop...

The 10s and the 100s

Back in the day, we had a little system of order based around a model that makes perfect sense in a network marketing or viral marketing context. When young men (obv substitute whatever...

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Freedom Friday - July: Power-Up Playbook, Clarity System, & Powerful Leadership Coaching Program FREE!

This month's Freedom Friday is a little different. For one thing, I didn't post about it on the blog on the first Friday of the month due in part to the fact that I got SWAMPED when I posted it on social media. Lol. However, I now have some spaces left to coach you peeps for free with this offer, so it's time to put it on the blog. The second way it's different is that it's not just free for 24 hours. It's free for the whole month, on a couple of conditions:

  • While stocks last (i.e. my time. First come, first served. If you miss out on me, I'll set you up with a coach I've trained, so get in early if you want to work with me).
  • You need to read the first 7 pages of the workbook before our first call. If you can't read 7 pages, you don't have what it takes to be an indiepreneur.
  • You get one free coaching call where you're not obliged to buy anything, and I bear the cost. After that, if you DO decide to invest in tools or training with me, you unlock another two free coaching calls!


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Yesterday's History. Tomorrow's a Mystery. Make Yourself Great Now!

I was thinking the other day, about the situation in America. I have many thoughts. Not a big fan of the current administration to be honest. That said, I'm not going to delve into all of that here. Instead, I want to talk about something I noticed about BOTH major parties. 

The Republicans are urging the electorate to pine for a 'golden past' with the phrase 'Make America Great Again'. If they'd stopped after word three, it would be a call to action for the future. If they'd made 'again' 'now' it would be a call to action for the present, but they chose the past. 

The Democrats are urging the electorate to strive for a 'golden future' by emphasising they are progressives and talking about how things could be better in the future if the current administration were gone. 

Neither party's marketing - beyond the usual muck fights of day to day politics - is focused on the now. 

It occurred to me that the only place things change is in the now. Eckhart...

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This is Me!

I left you to your own devices for a month. Did you miss me? 

There are times in life when you need to put everything you have into building something that matters to you. That's what I've been doing, and everything else has needed to take a back seat while I've done it. 

I've been building you a magazine and a membership site. I've been integrating and editing. I've been putting in place training for your mind, resonance for your soul, creativity for your heart, and an engine room to help pad out your wallet. It has been a HUGE task, but once it's done I won't have to do it again. 

During the time I've been doing this, I've had an accident that left me with a dangerous infection and a four-inch scar on my leg.

I kept going.

Then I caught a virus.

I kept going.

Then I got an infection in my eye and couldn't shut it properly.

I kept going.

I've had tech breakdowns.

I kept going.

I've had emotional breakdowns.

I kept going. 

I lost many weeks worth of work.


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